Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Term Paper

Well I playing around with the Glitter Maker I found on Mrtl's site, and apparently left some residuals. Now they're gone. I had wanted to put "I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER" all glittery and pretty on my blog, but right now that ain't going to happen. Suffice it to say, even sans the glitter, I still totally love peanut butter.

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas vacation. I took the girls and LP to the "Mills" for some ice skating. It was fun. Best thing about this place is that their food court has SUSHI and that's a rare find here in Middle America. In fact, it is so rare that one will travel pretty far to get to it and will not censor themselves when eating it and moaning in ecstacy when the sushi touches their lips. Hey, just cuz they're eating Chik-fil-A doesn't mean I have to. (oh--if that offends any CHik-Fil-A eaters, I'm sorry.)

I digress. I could go on, because this was really good, fresh sushi, but I won't. be glad.

The ice skating was fun, but Rug got tired of it pretty quickly, her being only 5 and all, and the teenage boys impressing their cute little girlfriends would not SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and I think that freaked poor Rug out a bit. So we went and ate Haagen Daz ice cream and life was good.

We went to the bookstore where LP surprised me with buying David Beckham's autobiography for me. Thank GOD there are pictures.

I also tried on Nike Shox, cuz I need some new running shoes, and they weren't real comfortable to me. I am an avid fan of New Balance running shoes, but since they stopped making my favorites, I am afraid to purchase them without testing driving them. Anyone have good luck with running shoes???

And lastly, we took the to the Nascar Speedpark, cuz that's what good Middle Americans do. They got to ride some goofy up and down ride, and they were happy. So were we. Life, still good.

So, in conclusion, it was a good day.

And that's what I did on my Christmas vacation.


The End.


Cat said...

*pulls rusty red-inked, English teacher, paper-marking pen out of retirement*

Ahem... A+!

That is all.

mrtl said...

mmmmm... sushi and DB. A good day.

Vajana said...

Cat: Ah thanks! I thought for sure I should have added some references, and maybe a footnote or two...

Mrtl: Yes. Sadly, today has consisted of sweats and work, but at least I have showered. That's a plus in my book.

dashababy said...

Damn, you started with peanut butter and then sushi and then hagen das.........agh. I'm so hungry right now.
What is Chik-fil-A? I think I want to know.
Thanks for visting me and saying I was a cool kid. To which I have to say "NO, You are the cool kid." :)
Anyhoo, have a wonderful new year. I was sad to see the last day of vacation even tho I didn't really get a vacation 3.5 days off in a row felt like a vaca. Woohoo!!!

Vajana said...

Dash: Did I mention the hagan daz was chocolate PEANUT BUTTER? I didn't? Oh. ;)

And it didn't hurt my stomach, which was a risk I was willing to take.

*HUGS* to you too!!!

Chik-fil-a? Standard food court fare. Fried, greasy.

dashababy said...

Chocolate Peanut Butter!!!?? My fav!

Hola Amigo said...

Hola Amigo was just blogging and saw your blog and thought it was nice so I should drop in and say Hola Amigo. Anyways I would be interested in exchanging links if you are up for it.