Monday, January 16, 2006

Day off, I think not

I discovered this morning I need to get a babysitter the next time my daughters have the day off and I do not. They. Bug. Me.

Now, they have both been carted off for a few hours and what am I doing with my time? Blogging. I really need to get more work finished before the yapping yappers come home. But I am not complaining, Rug is at her friends house and I have to pick her up by 3:30 so her friend's mom can go for radiation treatment for her breast cancer! So I think it's safe to say whining on my part would be pretty ridiculous in this situation.

Al had her first ever Instant Messaging conversation today. I am not at all familiar with this technology, due to my not knowing anyone else who does it, nor am I in high school. A friend of mine was telling me her daughter does it, so I thought Al would enjoy talking with her. I was a little afraid, I certainly don't want her talking to weirdos. Apparently you can monitor who she can or can't talk to, and as long as she is talking to her one friend, I'm okay with it, as the conversation went something like this:

Al: whatsup

Z: nothing.

Al: You are funny. LOL

Z: (smiley face, laughing face, crying face, confused face, mean face, angel face)

Al: LOL Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha.

Z: Oh yeah blalblablagalsdfkjasldfkjasdflasidfjasflkja

So, as you can see, I have nothing to worry about.

Saturday night we went to our friend's house to play dominoes (no, we weren't setting them up and knocking them down, it's a game and it's a lot of fun, and I should have won, but I got 2nd place so that makes my soccer mom ego feel better). All the adults were in the basement, and suddenly a few of the kids ran downstairs and said there was a policeman in the house shining his flashlight. We all ran up there and when we looked outside, there were three cop cars on the street. One of the cops came up and apologized, as they had the 'wrong house' and meant to go to the next door neighbors, who had a bunch of 8th grade girls there home alone and who had called the police after hearing 'noises'. Needless to say the kids were freaked out the rest of the night!

On the soccer front, I was a proud mamma this weekend. Al scored a huge goal with 50 seconds left on the clock and they won 4-1 to a team we tied last time, and Rug scored two goals and the last one was the winning goal with 12 seconds left on the clock!!!! I was shaking in my soccer mom jogging pants.

This morning, I asked both my girls who Martin Luther King Jr. was and why he is an important individual. Rug says, "oh I know, he played piano, and his teacher would hit their hands if they played the wrong note." What are you talking about? I asked her, and of course, her older sister had to correct her, etc. etc. but she got really upset and she said she SAW it on the teacher's computer, so I looked and found THIS. She told me the same story verbatim. I guess that is what amazed her the most, probably because she takes piano lessons at school. Perspective.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I bet this is the same guy who liked garbagemen.

mrtl said...

Go Al with her bad self!

Have a great afternoon!

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