Friday, January 13, 2006


Originally uploaded by Vajana.

This is what it looks like out my window RIGHT now. Can you get any more drearer? And isn't that totally the Poltergeist tree? One one thousand...two one thousand...


Stacie said...

great pics...your kids are cute. I like the tree pic, but I'm crazy like that I love trees. I played too. Stacie
ps..I hope you feel better!

sullen girl said...

That is TOTALLY the Poltergeist tree!! I love horror movies... but that one really freaks me out - obviously... with the clown and all. {{shudder}}

Circus Kelli said...

Yeah. It looks like that upstate here, too. And it's sleeting. Gotta love the January weather, huh?

Vajana said...

Stacie: Thanks Stacie, so do I!

Daun: That clown scared EVERYONE.

CK: The snow is sticking now, so it's actually kind of pretty, better than that sleet crap.

Random and Odd said...

Lawn clowns! OMG...I starting laughing my ass off. My sister would never come see me if I had one of those!!

That tree is totally creepy. I had a tree outside my window at this one house and I loved it until my ex mentioned the movie and then I hated it.


MMC said...

Yes, it is the p tree!

dashababy said...

Pretty dreary, yep.

Hey! I just read what my psycho sister wrote about me. At least I'm not ascared of lawn decorations. So there.

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