Tuesday, January 10, 2006

dune buggy

My uncle is the coolest. When we were little, he had a dunebuggy, therefore cementing his coolness to us. We used to drive around in that thing around town, standing up, no seatbelts, no roof, it was excellent. Why he had a dunebuggy in the middle of town, I'll never know.

Anyway, my brother started calling him Uncle Beedy Eyes. Not 'b-e-a-d' but 'b-e-e-d'. I don't know why, granted, his eyes were squinty but my brother also called me Miss Moo as a kid, not because I was fat, I was the skinniest kid on the block, but because he believed I was in a past life a cow living on Farmer Jaffee's farm. Seriously.

So I'm sure my uncle realllllllly appreciated his nieces and nephews calling him this, but he just laughed. It was always nice going over to their house, he had the first Apple 11e I saw. We spent most of the time over there fighting over whose turn it was in "Summer Games".

Uncle Beedy Eyes was over this weekend, and he had several entertaining things he brought with him. First he brought his own version of "Left Right Center" and when I told him it was a drinking game, I thought I'd punched him in the gut. But his version was fun too! Then he had a list of questions, like trivia, but when I asked for the answers, he just started laughing. He didn't have them!!!

Today he finally found the answers for the questions. So without further ado, test your knowledge with these Beedy Eye questions:

1. Name 6 things you can wear on your feet that begin with the letter 's'.

2.What three words in the English language begin with 'DW"?

3. What fruit has seeds on the outside?

4. It's the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked or in any other form than fresh. What is it?

5. There is only one 'sport' in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. What is it?


sullen girl said...

I had an uncle with a dunebuggy when I was little too... small world! I don't think he ever drove it through town though. LOL!

Your questions are making me feel stupid but here's my feeble attempt:

1) socks, sandals, stockings, slippers, shoes, stilettos

2) I can only think of dwindle...

3) No clue. I'm sure it's something obvious and I'll feel like a moron later

4) Kiwi? Maybe?? I can't imagine it in any other form besides fresh... that would be gross...

5) Boxing.. maybe? probably not.. who knows...

Cat said...

Hey! HEY! Remember the Speed Buggy cartoon? Which was just like Scooby Doo, but with a talking dune buggy? Sure, the show was a blatant Scooby Doo rip-off: There was a Fred, a Daphne, and a Shaggy look-alike, and a dune buggy with an obvious speech impediment (Hello?! Great Dane with an obvious speech impediment?!)

1. shoe, socks, sandals, slippers, stockings, stilettos (totally stole that one... thanks daun!

2. dwarf, dwell, dwindle

3. strawberries

4. watermelon (any melon)

5. chess?

Vajana said...

Daun: Dunebuggies were the absolute coolest. I wish he still had it.

Cat: I KNEW you'd get the 'dw' one. English gal. And YES! Speed buggy was right up there with the Schmoo!

Random and Odd said...

I would have never gotten any of the 'S' questions. Oh who am I kidding, I don't know any of them.