Friday, January 06, 2006


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How could I keep food down eating in a room like this? We purchased this table before Rug was born, and within 4 weeks AJ had drawn on the cushions with permanent RED marker. LP attempted to re-upholster them, with eh results. I should have really taken a close up shot of the carpet. They were very, very disgusting. Once I got mad and threw a bottle of MUSTARD across the room (just a wee bit of stay at home frustration, I was alone, so it's OK, no one got mustardized) and yeah, mustard, does NOT come out.

And After:

I love this table. Not as much as my husband, but it is definitely up there on the list. At our New Year's Eve party someone suggested playing "Spoons" on it. IdonTHINKso.


Charlotte in Pa said...

Where's the after? Or is this a teaser... must I come back to see the new table?

Circus Kelli said...

Oh, that before/after totally ROCKS, too! That's it... can you come decorate my house for me? :)

Charlotte in Pa said...

Ahhh... THERE it is. It's beautiful! (worth coming back to see. :-) )

Vajana said...

Thank you thank you. I was having technical difficulties (i.e., I'm a dork) there first. CK, I would love to decorate your place, but I've seen it and it looks like you're doing FINE dahlin.

(And the faux in the front room? Done by my friend who has her own painting business. In exchange for watching her kids, so I got it FREE!!!)

Random and Odd said...


Both of your before and after pictures are SO dramatic!

sullen girl said...

The dining room looks beautiful :) I love that shade of green - I have my living room painted that color.

Kami said...

Ooooh; both rooms are so gorgeous!

Ariella said...

LOVE the walls!
New paints rocks.

MilkMaid said...

That dining room is really nice! Looks like something from one of the HGTV makeovers. Great job.

You threw mustard?? kinda gal!

I played!

Vajana said...

Kristine: Thanks!

Daun: I had this color in there, well, a similar color before the Denim Days, and I loved it so much I did it again!

Kami: Thanks, they are such an improvement, I feel like I live in a nice house finally!

Ariella: Especially when someone ELSE is doing the painting and cleaning up!

Milkmaid: Mustard does NOT do wonders for makeovers, FYI!

Kristine said...

Both of your after pics are beautiful! You really did a great job :) And DDR? GREAT exercise! I used to go to a friends and we'd dance our asses off until we were sweaty and tired. I want one, but as my hubby so delicately said " yeah and you wanted a karaoke machine too...HOW much did that sell for at the garage sale?" Smartass.

I played too!