Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Feel like Delilah looking for Sampson

I can say this post is completely inspired by Kristine. First she wrote a post about insomnia, something I hold dear to my heart, and then another about first heartbreak. So last night, I sat up, with insomnia, THINKING about my heartbreak. And not just the first one, oooh noooo. I had a whole night of SLEEP to waste.

After going from 6th grade to the time I met LP, I was exhausted. Then this morning, I started thinking about the songs that would make me feel the best after a breakup. I realized though, there is more than one type of break up song. There is the angry one, when you are PISSED off and need to vent and assure him yeah, you will be FINE without him. Or then the sad, sappy songs, that make you remember the good times and you can cry and hold onto that Snoopy he won you at the carnival...cry the tears you have to. Or then there are the breaker upper songs, when YOU are the one to blame and need to assure said person that you can change, or that you screwed up, so listen to this song like I am and you will totally take me back. (note: they never do, or if they do, it never works out so don't bother.)

With that in mind, here are my top 5 breakup songs, broken into sub categories: PISSED OFF, BROWN EYES BLUE, and WHOOPS I MESSED UP TAKE ME BACK.

Oh and ***disclaimer*** these are not THE top 5, these are MY top 5. And I'm a bit off.

And second ***disclaimer*** I got most of these songs from: Break-up Songs and Azlyrics.

Top 5 Pissed off cuz we're broke up songs:

5. "Don't Shed A Tear"- Paul Carrack
4. "Hit 'Em Up Style" - I don't even know who sings this, but it's a great revenge song
3. "Kiss Off" - Violent Femmes
2. "Hit the Road jack" - Ray Charles
1. "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor (boys: if you ever see a cluster of women singing this at a bar, DO NOT APPROACH)

Top 6 "Brown Eyes blue" Break Up Songs: ( I had to add 6, couldn't stop at 5)

6. "Without you" -Harry Nilsson
5. "Black" - Pearl Jam
4. "Different Corner" - George Michael (okay, it's Wham, I admit, but great song)
3."Crying" - Roy Orbison
2. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"- The Platters
1. "I can't make you Love Me" - Bonnie Raitt

Top 5 "Whoops Take Me Back" Songs:

5. "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" - Rick Springfield, naturally
4. "I keep forgettin" - Michael McDonald
3. "Most Beautiful Girl" - Charlie Rich (this reminds me of my dad...I remember being a kid feeling so sorry for this guy singing this song. I would have totally forgave him.)
2. "I Miss you" - Blink 182 (I think this is a break up song, if it's not, well I view it as such)
1. "The Reason"- Hoobastank

Final thoughts, by Vajana: Those of you with freshly broken hearts...don't let it keep you bitter, keep your heart open to love, it will come!!


Anonymous said...
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Vajana said...
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Random and Odd said...

OH dear God...I can totally relate with SOOO Many of those songs!!

Mine was, HELLO by Lionel Richie!!

*squeezing heart*

I swear I better not get that song stuck in my head today!!!

dashababy said...

At the risk of being deleted here,,,, hehe.

I have my own list that could reduce me to a giant blubbering mess, especially if there is any alcohol in me. "Misty blue" by Dorothy Moore is one. The list goes on.

I hope you get some sleep there girlie.

Vajana said...

Oh, damn spammers, I may have to do word verification soon...

Kristine: Hello! Is it me you're looking foooooooor!!!!! NOW it must be stuck.

Dashababy: I have never heard that song, I must find it. "Different Corner" always will remind me of my first real boyfriend.