Friday, January 06, 2006

My New Favorite Thing

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

Dance Dance Revolution!!!

When we were buying our Ginormous television, while at Best Buy the girls played with the demo the entire time. I knew it must be ours. And now it is. What other thing allows me to shake my groove thing, all at the same time telling me to 'stay cool'? Assuming I am already cool, and to stay that way!


Charlotte in Pa said...

I've heard it's a great way to stay in shape. I hang out (read: chauffeur) a 15 year old after school during the week and have heard her exclaim to her friends, "OH MY GOD! DDR is MY LIFE!"

Vajana said...

When I bought it, the Best Buy employee said he and his friends have 'dance offs' at his house.

He was like, 25.

Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

BIG improvement on the front room and dining room!

Cat said...

Dance offs? DANCE OFFS?! Nuh-FREAKING-uh!
OH... MY... GOSH!
I want! I NEED!

Okay. I am exhausted from all my coveting. Now I just need to see a video of said Dance Offs and I will be one happy camper, I tell you what.

Um, vajana, what are the chances we'll see a video in the near future? (I SO want to see how it works! I have no idea what it is actually. But DANCE OFFS!)

Vajana said...

MDDave: Yes, the improving! I love zee improving!

Cat: Let me tell you what. My daughters BEG me to play the video of the "lady with the Mai-hee song" all. the. time. Once I figure out HOW to put video up, and then take Dance Off video, it will be Here.

Justin and Britney are not invited.

J Bo said...

Your remodels look so lovely! I love what you did with your living room wall. We have DDR, too! It is so much fun, but I really think that people with the bigger feet have the advantage. I am a far better dancer thaN my husband, but he always wins since he doesn't really have to step far to hit the arrows.

If you ever get to Seattle, we need to have a dance off!!!!