Friday, January 13, 2006

Down with the sickness

I may participate in SPF later on today. I had a pretty bad night. I've been having 'issues'...lower abdominal pain, cramping, etc. and last night it was at its apex. I almost had LP take me to the ER but the thought of it just made me cringe, I feel better today. I have gone to both my OB-GYN and family doctor and both have prescribed me pills to cover the pain and not cure the cause, and now the pills are not helping...BUT anyway. I'm feeling better now, but I need to work while I still have my energy, I know I will have a short supply of it working on 3 hours of sleep.

As for the one lie....Y'all were WRONG!!!

My ex-boyfriend, when we broke up, had 7 tattoos, the last one being my name.

My cousin Molly totally won one of those cars on Oprah last year, and paid a LOT of taxes.

And actually, my best FRIEND was related to the Cardinal, but it wasn't me!!!!


Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

I wonder what the ex will do with that tatoo of your name....thanks for visiting me!

sullen girl said...

Grrr... I so completely share your hate for abdominal pain... I suffer from endometriosis and just went through surgery in December for it so I'm feeling better now - but it will flare up again in a few months. *sigh* Such a bitch...

Anyway, take care of yourself! I hope you're feeling better soon :)

mrtl said...

Well, darnitol. I'm catching up, and read these out of order.

mold mix test said...
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