Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well, the Frog has come and gone, the Christmas Bazaar has come and gone (thank goodness!) and my Girls weekend is gone too. The rest of December should be easy breezy.

I am fielding a LOT of questions this year about Santa ("How much income does he make?" "Does he ever go shopping at the mall?") so I need to make sure my daughters know he is alive, well, and totally exists. Maybe I can get him to email them or something. I know he is busy.

It is frickin cold here today, I think when I took the girls to school it was 15 degrees. No thank you.

Well I have little to nothing to say this morning, just wanted to say I'm still here.

P.S. I know you all are Tivo'ing each and every time Rick Springfield is on GH, right?

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mrtl said...

That picture is too cute. Cat toy, right?