Sunday, December 11, 2005

I can see clearly now

I call this "Aurora with Flair."
I have not had much gumption lately to blog. I don't even have the time to comment on anyone else's blog, and I am continually apologetic for this, but I really do not see an end to this behavior any time soon. *Sigh* the days of blogging for 8 hours straight are unfortunately behind me I think. BUT I am going to make a solid effort to post every day this week. Everyone is equally allowed a spanking of me if I do not reach this goal.

This weekend was fun. Busy, but fun. Friday night LP called and said, "Be ready by 5:30, wear something nice." Assuming this meant no jeans, I got all dollied up, and he took me out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. for NO reason at all!! Amazing. And hell YEAH I had the crab legs! Kings baby! Big honkin ones too. Deeeeeelicious.

Later, after a bottle of wine or two we went to a WINE tasting. Note to self: Wine all tastes great after you've already had a bottle or two! And it was SO unbelievably cold that night, hmmmm, wine makes ya warm and cozy and.....

AH I digress.

Saturday the girls went to a 'pom camp' where the high school pon pom (or whatever) squad teaches the little kids a cute routine and they perform it at a basketball game. The girls love getting a sneak peek into the minds of teenage girls, and I enjoy an afternoon shopping. HOWEVER I chose to bring my husband along this year, and well, let's say it would have been better had I had a 2 year old along with me. After the second store you'd thought I had driven needles into his eyelids. "But Jaaaaaaaana, I'm tired. I don't waaaaaaaaaanna go to another store." Okay, enough, enough. Next year, I'll be Jana-SOLO on my shopping spree.

So, after 5 hours of shopping we got ONE gift. One. And I got a cute outfit for a Christmas party we are going to this weekend.

Sounding board here: it was a relatively positive weekend and I'm trying to be upbeat but let me give you two pet peeves of mine: Price tags. And people who don't seem to get it when their kid is screaming BLOODY FREAKING MURDER when they put her/him on Santa's lap. Enough already! First off, don't most merchants realize I am probably, more than likely going to buy something as a GIFT and so therefore WHY do they insist on these price tag stickers that require a blow torch and a machete to take off? Especially when they put the price tag smack dab in the middle of a picture frame. Brilliant, just brilliant. Oh yeah, and the baby on the Santa lap thing too, that irritates me.

Okay. Well, I did get some nice things for the house too, I'd been wanting a tart burner and I finally found one I liked. If you do not know what a tart burner is, well, the better off you are cuz you can say tart burner without it having the boring connotation it actually has. Mmmm tart burner.

Today I went to my friend Sarah's house. She has a "Christmas Card" party every year where we all sit and write out our cards together with music and stickers and stamps and food and whathave you. Her husband was there and he says THIS to me: "Oh, you want to hear something weird? This guy I know has a Web Log. Have you heard of this? It's like a DIARY that ANYONE can read. I mean, how insane is that???" Seriously, he said that. I said, "Uh, I have one of those."

"YOU DO????????"


"And you let people you don't KNOW read it? And like, comment??"




Hmm. Apparently I'm more of a risk taker than I thought!!!

Ah, and lastly we took the girls to see "Chronicles of Narnia". I never read the book so i didn't know what I was in for. I still don't. Go see it, formulate an opinion and let me know.

I shall be back tomorrow!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, see, Jana, the tough thing about blogging every day is when you use up all your material in one post. This one has enough stuff for at least 4 pieces. But thanks a bunch, though.

Vajana said...

well I had to make up for the last few weeks. I was all stopped up with material.

J Bo said...

OK, my mind is in the gutter...I thought you sent your girls to 'porn camp' and then I read on about the tart burner, and...oh, my! Must be all the wine.

Still waiting to see that kitchen...tapping foot.