Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Appetizer Exchange!!

So i'm sort of ripping this off but I truly am doing this to get ideas...I have a New Year's Eve Party every year, and being the MILF and Soccer mom that I am, it does not involve sexy martinis and swinging. No, sadly it involves a bunch of old foagies playing dominoes while the kids are locked in the basement to go crazy with wild abandon. The adults will stay upstairs, toasting to another year of living in Middle America and discussing what is funnier, that velour is actually back in 'style' or that people really believed Nick and Jess had a chance.

For this festive occasion, I have tried several different appetizers in the past, some regulars, other non-standards that usually ended up falling apart. I am in need of some new items to spice up the night. For heaven's sake people, I am a Soccer Mom. I need SOMEthing in my life. Do you think I should whip up Velveeta cheese dip just cuz I live in the heart of landlocked lard-loving 'llinois? No. I deserve snaz just like anyone on the East or West Coast.

So I come to you my fellow bloggers. Let us share in the joy of the new year together, and share those appetizer recipes. It will do us good to learn from one another, and to indulge in a new treat before our resolutions kick in, for the few first weeks anyway.

I will give you two of my standbys, and hope you will contribute!!


1 pkg. (8 oz) cream cheese

1/2 tsp garlic powder

3 tortillas

1 cup refried beans

1/4 cup cilantro leaves


Mix cream cheese & garlic powder with mixer until blended. Spread each tortilla with a thin layer of beans, spread cream cheese mixture over beans, top with cilantro.

Roll tortillas up tightly. Fridge 30 minutes. Cut into slices, serve with salsa.

and my other stand by, artichoke dip, but someone else is bring that:

1 cup parmesan cheese

1 can artichoke hearts, cut up

1 cup mayo

Blend all together, bake in 2 quart dish on 350 for 25 minutes, serve with wheat thins.

Let me know if you played!!!!


mrtl said...

Damnit Jana! I was going to give you my recipe for the best chile con queso... made with Velveeta... Back to the drawing board. I'll get something up soon. Blah!

Vajana said...

Hee hee!

A said...

I played along! (I found out about your exchange from mrtl.) Jana, I hope you get some good ideas for your party!

Amy said...

This is a great idea. I am off to find my bestest recipe. And I always make that artichoke dip and it rocks the partay.

Cindy said...

I was going to leave my artichoke dip recipe - but you already have it I see! Instead of wheat thins, you could try putting the dip on french bread and toasting it slightly in the oven. Good stuff.

Something not so 'soccer-mom-ish' but what I'm taking to a party this year is little smokies baked in cresent rolls. They're very yummy and easy.

Vajana said...

ooh now that sounds good too. no BBQ sauce, just the weenies themselves? (insert joke here)

Lori said...

I sometimes make this hot dip that is one can of chili (no beans) and a pack of cream cheese. Let it melt together in a small crock pot, or one of these pots with a sterno or candle. It's great with Fritos Scoops.

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