Friday, December 23, 2005

Something I added to my decorations

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

I actually got this snowglobe at a gift exchange this year. Normally snowglobes have been banned from our house, as they have resulted in two trips to the emergency room and a few messes that could have been prevented. We shall see how long this one survives.


paintergirl said...

that sounds like an interesting story to tell us! My father-in-law went to exchange one at the snowglobe store and there were some altercations and well dad threw it on the floor and it shattered. I'm surprised the cops weren't called.

Vajana said...

it's my youngest one. She is totally forbidden to touch one. She's got the stitches in her hand to prove her ineptness at the snowglobe handling.

Snowglobe altercation! I love it!

Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

Good luck with the snow globe!

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