Friday, December 30, 2005

sorta after

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

For good measure here is another 'almost after' of the kitchen. The backsplash will be done next week, and then I will be able to show true after pictures. But aye, this will hafta do for now. Last pic of 2005.

Have a very happy New Year. To all my blogging friends, I am so thrilled to have met all of you! I have met people I may not have ever met outside of the blogworld, people who have made me laugh until my sides hurt, cry without notice, and be in awe of the talent and wisdom I have discovered in all of you. Thanks for becoming a part of my life, here is to a New year of blogging and more fun yet to come!


Sheri & SuZan said...

Very nice...we will be doing the same (not soon enough though). Happy SPF! I played.

Effie said...

Love the cabinets!!

Great SPF!

SoozieQ said...

WOW! Your kitchen looks amazing now. Glad the "cute butt" is sticking around though :-)

Hope you have a fantastic 2006!

Tutu said...

Love the description of the old kitchen.

Vajana said...

S&S: Good luck with the remodel, if you need moral support, come here, been there done that!

Effie: Thanks, I love them too.

Soozieq: I will get better pics up later, then you can get the 'full' effect.

Tutu: My description is far more forgiving than my mothers is of it.

dashababy said...

I must bring a bib when visiting your blog. I'm drooling over your new kitchen. I love kitchens!!!
You crack me up..."avert your eyes", "somebody puked denim". LOL.
Too funny.
Happy New year to you too!!

Mama Duck said...

Hey girlie...I just read your comment RE: the cabinets...long story, HD is just pricing them (I hope)...are those the hickory cabinets? I could probably go back and read, but I'm...OK, but what kind of countertops do you have there? The more I hear about all the countertops out there the more confusing it is...

Anyway, it looks beautiful so far!!

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