Friday, December 30, 2005

My Favorite Picture 2005

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

I sorted and scanned through them all, and I kept coming back to this one. I was trying to NOT use one from DisneyWorld, because how corny is that? But, in the end, it was by far the most fun we had this year, and in this picture it totally shines through. The smiles on our faces are not forced. We were exhausted but at the same time ecstatic. We were together as a family, and it felt awesome. We had just finished a day at MGM studios, awaiting "Fantasmic!" and some German girl took this pic of us in exchange of me taking one of them. I hope theirs turned out as happy as ours did.


Sheri & SuZan said...

That really is a great picture of all of ya'll.

Kami said...

THat's a great pic!

Susie said...

That pic just makes me feel happy. Terrific.

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