Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ho ho ho

My kids are goofy.
And oh my, all the typing errors I have discovered in my blogging! I must be better at editing myself. Geez.

Last night we went to see the Big Man at the mall. There was much conversation about his address and how to contact him, and I informed them that he also sends a survey out to all parents regarding behavior. That one threw them in quite a tizzy. I expect excellent behavior for at least 11 more days.

One in the pink I shall refer to as AJ. RUG is in blue. Both crack me the heck up on a regular basis.

I still have plenty of more shopping left to do, and have no clue as to what I'm getting those I haven't yet shopped for. Crunch time, I work great under pressure.

My dear husband has requested two things for Christmas: memory for the computer and "Good Times" on DVD. Yes he is a peach and totally taken, mine all mine.

Have you seen these Chocolate Fountains? Oh my, that is dangerous for someone like me. I would have that sucker on constantly. Hmm. Upon further review those last few sentences look a little naughty, better watch myself. AJ did my Naughty/Nice factor last night and it turned out not so nice.

I guess Santa heard about the garbage man situation.

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Amanda B. said...

Oh my GOD, a chocolate FOUNTAIN??

*passes out with glee*