Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not Christmas but not yet New Year...

Ah, how was your Christmas? We had a very nice one this year, especially due to friends and family visiting from out of town we got to see that we hadn't in awhile.

Both of my kids got American Girl dolls, much to my resistance, but I am no match for the force of that which is the Aunt, so I was outvoted. I am really pleased with them though, the girls are learning a lot about history and the American Girl website etc. is very positive and empowering for girls. Ah, but before this turns into a "The More you Know" spot, let me tell what my favorite toy was--the Dance Dance Revolution!!!! Oh my gosh this is so fun. Have you seen in the arcades where they have the dance pad with the arrows and the only people on it are teenagers who seem to be having some sort of convulsion? Yeah, we have one of those now! It is soooo fun and I can rock to "Pump up the Volume" in my own basement. Oh yes, pics to come for sure.

And on a rather surprising note...LP got me DIAMOND earrings!!!! OMG! They are so beautiful. He totally tricked me, I thought I was getting pajamas. LP has not been the best gift giver in the past, okay, he SUCKED at it. Have I ever mentioned the magazine rack? Yeah, he got me one. But this year, he has absolutely made up for it. Diamonds baby!

Speaking of baby, and using a little bit of word association, I also got the Michael Buble CD and he may just very well replace Rick S. as my new number one crush. He. is. So. Hot. That is all.

Today I am taking Al to the Titanic exhibit with a few of her friends. It looks interesting, and they are reading about it in school so she is very excited about going.

Is there any way we can do an 'appetizer' exchange?? The cookies were delicious, and I am having friends over for New Years so I need some ideas?!!!!! ANYONE??


sarahgilbert4264 said...
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Vajana said...


mrtl said...

curious. You didn't do that? Maybe you should change your password.

The appetizer exchange sounds wonderful! Gotta get it done soon, though, so why not spread the word and have it tomorrow? Your call, sistah!

Vajana said...

oh, I was commenting to myself on that one, the spammer before wrote something funny, but then I just deleted it.

Okay, tomorrow it is then!

Cindy said...

How was the Titanic exhibit? I've been promised that I will get to go before it ends in April - I can't wait!

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