Friday, September 23, 2005

SPD stuff portrait Friday

Stuff Portrait Friday
Hello everybody! Well I am finally able to participate this week, albeit I am cheating a little bit. Kristine is busy buying new furniture and getting all domestic on us so our topic this week is:

*your cell phone
*your camera
*something you bought but didn't meet your expectations or something like that.

My insomnia has kicked me in the ass full throttle this week and I am running low on steam. Ergo I'm cranky. We go to Home Depot tonight to pay for all this business and hopefully, hopefully, we will have our cabinets in our kitchen by Halloween. I'm extremely excited.Have a great weekend everyone, and if you can give me ideas for some top 5 lists to share, let me know, my insomniac brain is empty.


Mama Duck said...

Ohhhhh, I want to see the kitchen cabinets!!! Are you doing before and after pics?!?!

Vajana said...

oh yes!! Although you must promise TO laugh at my before pics and my orange countertops. Please.