Thursday, September 15, 2005

Reach out, reach out and touch someone

This has been a very, very trying week. I was supposed to start working from home MONDAY but now it is being delayed until next WEEK which really sucks monkey ass but that is alright, I will tough it out. The one hour commute also sucks monkey ass but again, the music is great. I got busted by one of my friends belting out "Kentucky Woman" on the road. How can I deny Neil though? And then of course I have the Foo Fighters CD in there that is my new crack.

In order for this work from home thing to work, I am required to have two new phone lines. About a week ago, LP called the phone company to come out to put them in, which occurred without incident.

Immediately afterward, our phone stopped ringing. My mother, who needs to be in constant contact with me, called my cell phone and said she had called our house several times. No ringing.

THEN it just started ringing and ringing at odd moments during the day (yeah like two o'clock in the morning) and when we'd pick it up there was just a dial tone. That's fun to do several times in the night when you're attempting to go to sleep (and does wonders for my insomnia)!

In addition, like an idiot I programmed our phone to play the 1812 Overture so whenever it rings, I feel like Russians are going to come in and ransack the place.

LP called the phone company again, wanting someone to come and look at it and telling them to call him at work since he cannot get any calls AT HOME.

And they called him at home.

That night, he decided to forward all the calls coming to the house to his cell phone. That worked, and we went out to dinner and didn't miss any calls. LP was happy, I was happy. My mom was happy, and I think she was the only one that even called.

The next day, the phone company called LP AGAIN at home but since his calls were forwarded to his cell, he got the call that they were coming at 2.

Around 2:30, LP gets this message on his cell phone, from Todd the phone guy, or Sherlock as we shall now call him: "Uh, yeah, Mr. LP, we visited your house today and found the problem. Apparently all your calls are being forwarded to a different phone. But I fixed it."


Oh yeah, we are in lots and lots of trouble.


Circus Kelli said...

Gah! I think the title to your entry should be "reach out and punch someone!" :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

See, every phone company has got one guy named Rube, and he is the one who is ALWAYS assigned to you.

paintergirl said...

The Russians are coming...! You have me cracking up. I have such issues with our phone company, I canceled our long distance.

I hope the work at home starts soon for you. very cool!

Vajana said...

ck: well what is even worse is a certain person I know WORKS for the phone company! GAH!

Hoss: Rube, Jack, Dick, it's all the same. They've always got my number, no pun intended.

Paintergirl: we canceled our long distance a long time ago, they practically BEGGED us to stay on. I just call on my cell on the weekends when it's free!

Amanda B. said...

Uh huh huh. You said "touch someone".

mrtl said...

Oh, the service industry. Can't live without 'em.

Nessa said...

Hi! you came to see me!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!