Friday, September 30, 2005


Originally uploaded by Vajana.

LP's aunt visits about twice a month, and every time she does she brings a BAG O' SCHTUFF. It always includes food, and last time she brought this. I do not know why I have yet to get rid of it, but my kids don't even like the idea of it. It hasn't been opened.


Renee said...

Cool stuff!

Cracking up at the Malt-o-meal!lol

I played!:-)

Peanutt said...

I love the shot of the cat! And the maltomeal? LOL.
I played too! Have a great day!

Susie said...

Cool stuff, good luck with the remodel. But the malt-o-meal has GOT to GO.

Kami said...

I like the chocolate MOM. Send it to me.

Vajana said...

Renee: thanks. What to do with MOM?

Peanut: I'll be over there in a second!

Susie: I'm apparently going to send it kamis way.

Kami: It is YOURS.

Mainline Mom said...

What IS it?

Leesa said...

Yes, I have a misplaced cat too! I played:)

MMC said...

I hate maltomeal, but we all love cream of wheat. Is your aunt related to my MIL? She always comes with a bag, but in her case it's almost always a bag-o-crap!
I played too.

Random and Odd said...

malt-o-meal grosses me out.

MrsDoF said...

The chocolate malt-to-meal is really good..better even than CocoWheats. Your kids won't try it? Well, if Kami doesn't get it, I'll call dibs.
My mother-in-law came with some hand-me-down shirts for DoF and earrings with magnets for me. The shirts are rayon and the earrings pinch. I'd take groceries anyday.
Good Intentions though. Family. Gotta love 'em.

mrtl said...

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate Pudding Cake

I'm just saying.

Vajana said...

Mainline mom: My kids asked the same thing.

Leesa: i have found working from home allows me to take more pics of them too!

mmc: It is a bag o'crap. Lots of clipped articles about how to raise my kids (note: she has no kids)

Kristine: me too.

mrsdof: You go on, you and Kami can share the box, I'd hate to think of someone eating the entire thing.

MRTL: you are so practical!!! That is not a bad idea.

Mama Duck said...

That's just wrong. Your kids are wise beyond their years to not just jump at the chance to have chocolate for breaskfast. It's kinda freaky.

I played...hey, it's Friday, almost time for Four O'Clock Club at Marty's! (alright, it's a nice fall day and I'm reminiscing about the good old carefree days...)

Lucky Lum said...

never tried that chocolate malt-o-meal, but can anything with chocolate for breakfast be that bad?!?

Vajana said...

Mama Duck! i'm so there! With my Marty's shirt and all!

Lucky Lum: Normally I'd agree but I do not want to find out in this case.

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