Tuesday, September 27, 2005

flatpoint high

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

LP also knows I love the cancelled show "Strangers with Candy" so he bought me season 3. I watched an episode tonight, and Mr. Chuck Noblet is what I am naming my next child. Okay, not really.

Oh and this is also a gratuitous shot of my cat Aurora. I figured Jerri Blank should always share a pic with a little pussy.


paintergirl said...

I just love this show and anything related to the Sedaris family. My hubby just emailed this site to me last week.

Michele said...

Strangers with Candy is one of the most brilliant TV shows EVER! If not your child, I definitely think you should bestow the name "Chuck Noblet" on to your next pet.

Vajana said...

Paintergirl: I love them too. I have not read David's most recent book but look forward to it.

Michele: I read somewhere it got cancelled a la 'Seinfeld' in that the 'new' exec came in and didn't like the show and cancelled it. Damn people without a sense of humor.

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