Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday night's alright

I need a strategy. What do you do when you are friends with a couple that fight in public? This weekend, some friends of ours got into it with each other and LP had gone to get a beer, so it was just me standing there with the two of them. Normally I would try to be witty, okay well actually LP would be witty most of the time and cool the tension a little bit...but this one caught me off guard cuz she was PISSED at him and I was not about to take sides. So I just stood there. Did nothing. Whistled, made absolutely sure there was no lint on my shirt.

So, tell me, what is the proper etiquette when friends are fighting and you are not involved? i need help here people!! I'm pretty positive there will be another fight like this in the future!!!


mrtl said...

I'd be compelled to wander off myself. If they asked later where I went, I'd just say, "Away so you could finish your business. It felt uncomfortable being there." It would make the point simply enough.

Amanda B. said...

Run away screaming. That will probably put a stop to it when you are around.


Vajana said...

mrtl: I didn't feel so much uncomfortable as I felt just unsure of how to handle it, you know, like the big elephant sitting in the middle of the room kind of thing. I was afraid they would say, "You saw it didn't you vajana?" Ugh!

Amanda: Now there is an idear.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Get in their face and say:

"Puh-leeze! I am trying to get drunk here so go buy me a drink and shut up."

Cat said...

I think mrtl has a good sensible suggestion, but I must admit I like amanda b.'s style! And just think! You'd probably be saving your friends' marriage!

"How?", you ask? Well, you KNOW they would stop fighting and be all, "What in the HELL is wrong with her?! Good LORD what a scene SHE'S making! How embarrassing for her! Should we call someone? Tackle her to the floor? Maybe it's a seizure..." And so on and so forth. And then they'd be in perfect agreement regarding your overall freakiness and would probably forget all about their silly fight.


Yes, sir. That's a Win/Win situation, right there.

Vajana said...

Hmm. You guys are giving me great input here! Maybe next time I will just go get the beer rather than risk another situation!!

J Bo said...

I would try my best to stay out of any fight, no matter how close by I was standing. ( Unless of course it actually involved me- you know what I am saying!)

Anyway, just recently out best friends had a verbal fight while we were at dinner. These are our absolute best friends and we have been there for them from since before they got married 10 years ago. Anyway, it was very awkward and since we were just sitting across the table from them, we tried to give some input as to how we would deal with the same situation.

We also let them know that they are not allowed to fight like that again since it happened in a restaurant we have heen going to twice a month for the past 5 years!!

So, what were your friends fighting about? Mine were fighting about travelling and spending money.