Thursday, September 01, 2005

SPD Friday--no theme, but at least I participated this week!!! Damn!

SPD has eluded me for the last few weeks as I've been up to my ears in kindergarten-ness, work-ness and sick-ness. So even though I have laundry to do, clothes to iron and lunches to pack, I KNOW MY PRIORITIES. And it's all for you. SPD--Stuff Portrait Friday is usually brought to us by Kristine, but since she is partying it up with fellow bloggers, Pissy Britches and RSG, well, she's AWOL and more power to her. So Renee has helped us out with the assigment for the week....

1. Your trunk. I could've taken a picture of my ass, but the computer adds 30 pounds.

2. Your favorite alcoholic drink. Or was it just drink? I dunno, I was drunk when i read it.

3. Your dishes. Oh god I just heard a bunch of stuff falling in the other room, I guess I'd better go. Enjoy!!

1 comment:

suburban mom said...

I played :)

I actually like your dishes :)