Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Day of Disney

I have to finish this before I go back to Disney next time. This is the last day, so we didn't do too much so it won't be a long post. Hopefully.


On our last day we got up pretty early and checked out of our hotel. I was finally able to return a sweatshirt that I had purchased where the guy at the store had accidentally left the big ink thingee on it, and the women at the gift store were insisting I find the receipt first before they took it off. Luckily I found it, on the last day, as we were packing up to leave!

We took a vote and our last day was to be spent at MGM/Hollywood Studios. That Tower of Terror is just our very favorite ride. It was looking to be an incredibly nice day. We were all wearing shorts.

We got there at the rope drop, and headed straight for Tower of terror. I kept Mo and we went shopping for some souvenirs. I was hoping to find some stuff with Malevicent on it, she is my favorite villain. No such luck. It is amazing what you can buy at Disney...from $1.00 to $25,000.00 (which is how much this crystal castle will set you back)

Al had saved up all of her souvenir money to buy one thing...a Precious Moment. (Gag) She loves the things, and at one of the Art of Disney stores they had a Precious Moment made exclusively for the Parks. She got one of Cinderella's castle, and as Precious Moments go, it's a pretty neat one. She was thrilled.

While we were there, we waited around to see the Incredibles. My favorite picture from our Disney trip in 2005 of us with them, and we just love that movie. While I was asking the cast member how long it would be, this Brazilian woman bursts in, speaking frantically, "Where are the Incrrrrrediblllles? I must see them!" She was supposed to be meeting her kids in 15 minutes but the only characters she wanted to see in all of Disney World were the Incredibles.

She stood in front of me in line, and behind me was a newlywed couple from Iowa. This Brazilian women proceeded to talk about her trip and how different Americans are from Brazilians. She was telling us how she tried to give Ariel (the Little Mermaid) a hug and everyone freaked out. "No touching!" she said, "In my country, we are ahhh..." and she gave me a great big hug. I told her not all Americans are like that, but yeah, most of us like our personal space personal! She was so exuberant and bright and friendly, I just adored her. Finally Mr and Mrs. Incredible came out, and this woman went CRAZY. "Mrs. Incredible! I love you! I love you! I love you because you have CURVES! ooooh, you are so CURVY!!" I took her camera and got her picture and she was just in heaven. We stepped up to get our picture with them, and she was still telling Mrs. Incredible how much she loved her. I'm sure the person in the costume was ecstatic...I do not think Mrs. Incredible usually gets that much attention! I'm obviously still cracking up at that lady when they took this shot:

Next we rode "Star Tours" several times...and although my favorite movie is Star Wars, this ride is super cheezeball. I do love the At-At in the front though. We went to see "Muppets in 3-D" which was entertaining and I think the only 3-D Mo actually enjoyed. She didn't put the glasses on, but she liked getting squirted with water, etc.

Al and Rug were FINALLY getting into pin trading, of course, it was the last day. They saw Kim Possible (from Disney channel) and I made them get a picture.

LP took the girls to ride Rock N roller Coaster one more time, and I stood out by the guitar with Mo. Now, Mo, she likes to dance. And I mean SHAKE it kind of dancing.(learned from her father no doubt) There was Aerosmith music blasting out everywhere, she could not be contained. A very young PhotoPass photographer spotted her and just kept taking several pictures of her. I think it was love at first sight!

I think it made his day, honestly. Her dancing can cheer just about anyone up.

The last thing we did was took Mo to play at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. She loved it.

I made reservations for the 50's Prime Time Cafe for lunch. The premise is, well, your grandmother's/mother's kitchen in the 50s. It was dead on. And let me tell you, the entertainment value of a 'mom' yelling at your husband for not having a napkin on his lap is PRICELESS to children. My kids still talk about it. I was behaved, because it was so eerily similar to my grandma's kitchen, (plus I had their meatloaf...) I thought for sure she was going to come around the corner and make sure I'd eaten everything on my plate.

As we left, the High School Musical parade was just finishing up, and as we headed towards the exit, Mo reallllllllly wanted to walk. On her own. No grown-up hands to hold. LP was not having it, and Mo was NOT very pleased. And I snapped the best shot of the trip:

Fabulous, no? We call this "Meltdown with Mickey". Pure bliss that is.

We stopped off at the greatest outlet mall EVER (Adidas! I can't get enough of ye!) and as we left Orlando, it began to rain. Hard. I was already planning our next trip.

I know February was harder because I had Disney Depression, which is a clinically recognized malady. I'm hoping I can get back there soon.

You know what is even more depressing? We are thinking about taking the girls somewhere in a few weeks on their spring break, and do you know where the closest place is from us? That's right....Branson, Missouri. Well it ain't Disney but I know I'll be able to get some real nice corn cob pipes to bring home as souvenirs.


Anonymous said...

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The Kept Woman said...

Holy crap..could that baby be a little freakin' cuter?

P.S. I laughed at the Precious Moments 'gag' comment but you're right, that castle is pretty cool. I would have never thought it was PM.