Thursday, March 20, 2008

5 Things Making Me Laugh

1. My daughter telling me, "When my teacher was handing out the math tests, my stomach took a lurch!"


2. My dad telling me that when they met with the lawyer for my aunt's estate, my mother left the room and the lawyer said to my dad, "Sir, do you drink?" My dad said, "No, why?" The lawyer gestured towards my mom and replied, "You probably should."

3. Mo has some new dance moves, including the "Right Leg Stomp", and the "Shoulder Shrug". I need to find how to get video on this blog, you would laugh too! **As a bonus, LP laughs when you ask her, "Where's Mommy?" And she she says, "Da-da?"

4. Lewis Black. Granted, he always makes me laugh, but recently on Comedy Central, he voted Oprah the Root of All Evil. I couldn't agree more. If my mother read that last sentence, HER stomach would take a lurch.

5. The weather. Rain all week, rain this weekend...but today, today the sun is shining. What more could anyone ask?

1 comment:

kalki said...

Love Lewis Black. And more and more, Oprah makes my stomach lurch, too. Also, I am officially adopting that phrase. When I am EMTing, I will say, "Sir, do you feel weak? Lightheaded? Is your stomach lurching?"