Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm all over the place.

This weekend consisted of Mo throwing up, Al hurling and me being near comatose from it all. I haven't been able to eat since Thursday, and from what I remember, I don't think it was all that great of a meal. If I'm going to be sick for 4 days I'd like to at least have a fond memory of food. Not so much. Even a Cadbury egg right now would make me run to the bathroom.

But hey, I've lost 6 pounds! Look, I've been trying to lose FIVE pounds for a month, and in one weekend I've already lost more than that. I can guarantee that this is NOT the way anyone should ever lose weight. Bulimics, I shall NEVER understand.

My mother just called to tell me that when my dad went to donate all of my aunt's clothes to Goodwill, he 'accidentally' donated some of MY MOM'S clothes too!!! I fell off my chair laughing. That is so something they would do. Cracking me up.

I wish I could wax poetic about my weekend. I don't even have the energy to write a haiku about the new mattress we bought. Maybe someone else can inspire me.

"Try it out" he says
Salesman at the mattress store
LP winks at me!

Okay, that wasn't so good. I'll just go back to drinking my ginger ale and popping my Peptos.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

"Try it out," he says.
It may give you some real rest,
Unless it's for play.

The Kept Woman said...

Oh ewwwwwwwie! Tha barfies...I hope you feel better soon...

I'm useless with the poetry...and I have had no caffeine this AM.