Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Do I always have to have a title?

Got back Monday night from Dixon. Now there is a rocking town. Hardly. I was very happy to see it in my rearview mirror as we left. I did get a picture of Ronald reagan's boyhood home, which was apparently a block away from my aunt's apartment. Uh, that's not too hard as this was a pretty small town.

Everyone in the town showed up at her funeral. I was not surprised at all, my aunt was larger than life. She was a Ya-Ya for sure, driving all her friends around town. She didn't even own a toaster, because why bother when she had people to see at all the local restaurants!

We spent much of Sunday night going through old pictures she had in boxes, and I found this one of my mom with her family circa 1955. They were living in Hawaii at the time. I love my grandpa's pink bow! I'm sure my grandmother picked it out, pink was her favorite color. I never met my uncle, he died before I was born. It's just so funny to think of my mother as a teenager. She was a good one I'm sure, to this day angst is one of her best traits.

We got dumped with about 7 inches of snow yesterday and the girls had a blast playing in it. Atlanta is looking better and better all the time.....

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

So, is the cutesy on the right the good ol' Jana? Nice picture.