Friday, March 21, 2008

It's back Baby...Stuff Portrait Friday!

So funny, but I was just thinking the other day how Stuff Portrait Fridays always made me motivated to post. It has returned, and Kristine has given us an easy (but is it?) assignment this week:

Your favorite Picture

So I am going to cheat, as I usually do, and give you my favorite pictures of each of my family members instead.

I've shown this one before, it's me in New York on my 30th birthday. That was such an awesome trip.

Mmmm. LP. 2005.

Al winning 1st place in a soccer tournament. That smile is genuine! I wish I could sell that!

I know, this also has Al in it, but if this picture does not represent all that is my Rug, I don't know what is. Her shirt says it all. She is a funny, funny girl.

here is a better one. Striking a pose, as usual.

of course, my little Mo.

So, did you play???


Jenie said...

Awww..those are great pics of your girls! They're adorable!

And I'm loving SPF being back for the same reason. At least I know I'm going to have something for Fridays!

Happy SPF!

Random and Odd said...

I love those pictures. I need three of those shirts though!!

Anonymous said...

those are all great shots! i played too :] Happy SPF!

The Kept Woman said...

Oh, I had no idea SPF was back! Great pics though!

Allisone said...

Such cuties!
Happy SPF
I played.

Just A Girl said...

your youngest daughter is breathtakingly beautiful.

onangelwings said...

Such adorable pictures. That little Mo at the end is the cutest baby ever.

christina said...

The one of your little Mo is just precious.
And thanks for commenting my spf!

~Easy said...

Those are some cute girlies. Funny, but at first I thought that trophy was a softball one. At first galance I thought it was a giant glove.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I'm just gonna let your pictures play for all of us.