Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween! I guess I should be scared, considering I live in the most "dangerous city" in America!! Ha! That is terribly misleading, but I'm not surprised. Of course this information comes days after our big Win, which is also not surprising either, because seriously, getting respect for St. Louis is like getting Paris Hilton to put some clothes on.

We had an incredibly lonnnnng weekend, but it's over so the twitch in my eye is gone now. We did make the time to go downtown to the Parade to watch our boys and celebrate! The atmosphere was amazing, I'm so glad my kids got to experience it:
And we have figured out that Al was born a month after the Bulls won the NBA championship, Rug was born days before the Rams won the Super Bowl, and now Makenna gave us the World Series. But don't think for a second I'll be trying for a Blues Stanley Cup. Not gonna happen.
Today will be spent with lots of partying and lots of makeup. Rug is the Corpse Bride and Al is Medusa--tying snakes into a wig ain't the easiest thing to do but we did it! Have a great Halloween hope it brings lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups your way! Which, btw, is yet another cursed thing about being pregnant...I have not been able to eat ANY peanut butter, it totally causes me to have heartburn. Ugh it's almost over! I'm counting the days, and my post-partum meal will consist of a rainbow roll of sushi, a beer, and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Now that sounds delicious, right?


paintergirl said...

Oh good for you. I was just checking in to see about the baby. Coming from a Tigers house-the cardinals just wanted it more. I think Devil's night in Detroit would have been a lot worse if they won.

It's probaly just as well you couldn't eat peanut butter. I have known some moms to have eaten it during pregnancy and their child ended up being allergic to peanuts. how terrible. Happy Halloween Jana!!

J Bo said...

I can just picture you saying, 'There's motherf***in' snakes on this motherf***in' wig!' OK, maybe not. :)

Happy Halloweenie. I promise I will call you soon! And I have a present for you, too!!

dashababy said...

jbo, I say "Happy Halloweenie" too, go figger.
Anyhoo, yeah, sushi, beer and reeses' p-nut butter cups, all my favs.
Only a couple more weeks to go, woo!

Vajana said...

PG: I think the Cards got a ton of lucky breaks, but at least some of the players finally stepped it up! (Yes i'm talking to you, Mr. Jim "10 million dollars" Edmonds)!!
Have a Happy halloween too!

JBO: Oh I am SO saying those mother**** snakes! I made LP put them on with wire, they were driving me nuts. I'll take pics.

Dashababy: I'm thinking chocolate doens't go well with beer or sushi, but whatever. I really do not care at this point.

paintergirl said...

oh but chocolate does go with beer. a guinness and dark chocolate are perfect together.

The Kept Woman said...

Alright, I want to see the Medusa wig.

And congrats to you and the Cardinals...you should have painted their logo thingie on your belly for the parade...lots of pregnant chickies get that stuff done you know. You could be famous on the internet!

Amy said...

That sounds like the best meal ever, Jana. Happy belated halloween to ya!

Kelly said...

I had a "World Series" baby with my daughter... she was born the day of game 3 in 2002 when the Angels won... and when we had Eckstein & Spezio! Gosh I miss that guy!

Congratulations to your team!