Thursday, October 05, 2006

Making Me Laugh

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and I sat directly across from a young, very preggers girl who was clearly uncomfortable. Just as I was about to ask her if she was okay, they called her to the window. Here was the conversation between said girl and receptionist/MA:

Girl: I've been feeling bad today, and having some contractions so I was wondering if I could see the doctor quickly.

MA: Are the contractions frequent? How far apart?

Girl: Um, like five minutes.

MA: And how far along are you?

Girl: 38 and a half weeks.

*stunned silence of all in the waiting room*

MA: Um, bye. You need to go to the hospital right now!

Girl: But I feel okay now.

MA: Did you drive here?

Girl: Yes. I can drive myself to the hospital I guess.


We were all laughing after we left. Apparently this girl did not know she was in labor! Which, of course, will never happen to me. Both the girls had to be induced, and I'm sure Makenna will be just as stubborn. I can remember sitting in the hospital room, with NO CABLE, bored out of my skull and starving. Now I've learned at least they have cable now at the hospital, but I still need something to pass the time.

So do you have any ideas on what we could do while we're waiting and NOT in active labor? Since our iPod broke (I've been in denial about it, it's a post for another day) LP bought an iPod phone so we have at least some music we could download. So if anyone has good labor/delivery music that might help the process, let me know. I plan on making a playlist with your suggestions. Of course "Here Comes My girl" will be on it. But remember, NO ELVIS!!!!!!


Odd Mix said...

"My Little Girl" Tim McGraw
"I Loved Her First" Heartland

My wife crocheted thrgh transition. She had a really gooooood epidural.

The Kept Woman said...

Ummm...that was me the first time. I went to the hospital one night because I didn't feel well and had these painful spasms every fifteen minutes or so and we thought, screw it, if I'm not in labor then we lose out on a $75 co-pay, big deal.

Yeah, I was 5 cm dialated.

I have no ideas for you other than reading smutty star gossip magazines...they seem to be the only ones that I will read from cover to cover because the news is all so important.

J Bo said...

I drove myself to the hospital after my membranes were stripped!
With Piper, labor began right after I got to my room and I couldn't bear to listen to anything- I had to have the room entirely quiet and no loud voices.

With Darian, everything was so surreal, I listened to Dark Side of the Moon and an etheral local band called Sky Cries Mary.

J Bo said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I will call you later!