Sunday, November 05, 2006

whoa horsie!!

I can't even begin to tell you the chaos that was last week. I remember saying on Halloween to one of my friends, "Well, at least I can say tomorrow is a new day." Unfortunately the day after wasn't much better.

I'm not kidding! Let me give a snippet of the events that occurred last week. My youngest fell on her head while wearing a hair clip and had it lodged inside her melon, my eldest ran into a wall and bruised her leg and couldn't walk, the mom of the fam we usually go trick-or-treating with had a meltdown and said her husband was leaving her and just started crying right then and there...WHILE we were trick-or-treating...I've somehow caught the flu bug and haven't been able to breathe properly all week.

Remember, that was a snippet. There was a whole bundle of other schmidt that went down.

Oh, and I had not once, not twice but three times had some one tell me they wanted to sit by me so 'they can look skinny'.

I had a bit of a breakdown myself yesterday and cried for a half an hour. LP didn't know what to do with me. I couldn't stop, no matter how I tried. (Did I mention I NEVER CRY???) I completely freaked my kids out. They are sufficiently scarred now.

And TKW, you should be happy to know that since I no longer can wear any of my shoes due to puffiness, I am still wearing flip flops, well beyond November 1st. In your honor, my dear.

But there is hope for a better week this week. We went and bought Makenna a dresser today and have finally put up her crib, so she is ready to join our fam. So all is on the up and up. Yesterday while at Target I saw a Cabbage Patch doll named "Makenna Piper". I figured it was a sign to let my husband have his way, so I think we may change her middle name from Elizabeth to Piper. I can live with that. And no, I didn't buy the doll, I guess I should.

Even though the girls totally got screwed on the Halloween bit this year (hello, they did not get ONE Reese's cup OR a Butterfinger. WTF!) they looked great and were able to at least enjoy dressing up. I promised them next year we would have the Halloween of all Halloweens and they would be the envy of all their friends.
Or at least dammit, I'll buy them the mongo Sam's club bag of Reese's cups.


dashababy said...

Ooooh, my. That was some snippet.

The kids look so darn cute, I had more Reeses' than anything because that is my favorite, I ate a few.

Your hormones must be going crazy, you poor baby. Only one or 2 more weeks to go, I'm guessing. Hang in there Jana, you're almost there.

J Bo said...

Thanks for letting me know I was not alone in my Halloween chaos. At least your girls got to have their makeup done.

And I *love* the name Piper. :)

Amy said...

Oh honey. Some weeks it's all you can do to get out of bed and face the nonsense.

Your girls though, they look GREAT!

Long live flip flops!

Mama C said...

Those costumes are great. Wha? No Reeses? My kid got a full candy bar...those M&M Amazing bars. She is still hoarding it and torturing baby bro because he didnt want to go to that house.
She had better eat it soon before I do.

The Kept Woman said...

Girl, it happens to the best of us...the breakdown thing.

That's mean about sitting next to you so people feel skinnier...did you spit in their food when they weren't looking? I would have.

You rock those flip flops, sister! There's snow on the damn ground here...I envy you!!!