Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of course you want more!

Because I have nothing better to do than give you a link to enjoy more of my favorite 80s toys.

Happy Birthday to the SMURFS!!!!!!!

In other news, Kenny Rogers (the pitcher, not the Gambler, although at this point they might be one in the same) may or may not have had pine tar on his hand pitching to the Cardinals. Okay, so what? He was STILL able to kick their asses, even after he supposedly washed his hands. No excuses tonight okay? You're in Cardinal town tonight, so there better be an ass whuppin. We all bleed RED you know.

And LP, for future reference, when I say I'm not cleaning up after dinner, it does not mean, "...so leave it and I will clean it up in the morning." 'Kay?

I will have to tell you about my weekend some time. Me, preggers as ever, staying out until 3 a.m. at the bars. What a sight. I almost got denied at one bar, the bouncer apparently thought I was a moron going out to preggo-drink the night away. Hey, I'm uncomfortable, but I'm not THAT uncomfortable. Trust me, as soon as this baby is out I'm having a beer. Just not yet!


dashababy said...

Good lord you crack me up. You musta been a sight, out at 3 a.m.???!!!
Yes, we tivoed the brown hand several times to inspect what was on there and it most definitley was shiny. Whatever, maybe he felt he needed that to beat our guys.
You're right tho, our guys better bring it babeee.
Go Cardinals!! Woo!!

dashababy said...

WOW! We Won again!

Vajana said...

Gah I fell asleep in the 7th inning! Jeez!! I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I should turn the TV on to see if they won but I didn't. Carpenter was just amazing. Woohoo!

J Bo said...

Out till 3am? Getting ready for those early am feedings, eh?

The Kept Woman said...

Geez, haven't you had that baby yet?

I fucking hated it when people said that to me.

Hey, at least you could hang on until 3 AM! That long walking around and possibly dancing surely would have been a good way to bring on labor, I'd think!