Saturday, October 28, 2006

Queen said it best...





dashababy said...

I am so late getting over here to say, "WOOHOO!!!" High Five!!! We Won!!!
I went out of town on Friday thinking, "Ah, they'll get rained out or the Tigers will win this one and then I will be home with my sweetie to watch our team win..." well, that's what I thought, I thought WRONG!
I can't believe we beat the pants off them Tigers or pussycats I should say. Wow! I'm still in awe.
My aunt gave me a lovely gold charm bracelet that says Cardinals and has a bat and a ball on it. I have to take a pic of it for you, its an antique.
I'm so happy for the Cardinals team, I can't even tell you. Way to go guys!!! I love 'em!

dashababy said...

And you're right,,, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!OF THE WORLD!