Monday, October 02, 2006


Seven weeks to go. That's all I keep thinking. Egad.

is the crib up?


Do I have a car seat?


I figure the kid can get thrown into the trunk and can sleep on the couch. What, because it's a baby it has to be treated differently than my other kids? Please. If she can't grab a Gogurt from the fridge at 4 in the morning by 3 months old than she's going to be in trouble.

Okay so maybe I'm a little grouchy from spending 6 hours in the ER this weekend from little missy. That's all. Who does she think she is laying on MY blood vessels and preventing MY blood from circulating? My body is NOT an all-inclusive resort. Sure meals are provided, but that does not mean you are allowed to mistreat the staff. Those blood vessels are working FOR you dearie. Pay them some respect.

Fortunately all ultrasounds revealed no blood clots so she is not grounded immediately when she gets out, but I'd say a time out is in order.



J Bo said...'s to the next 6 weeks flying me if you are up to it.


kalki said...

Oh no! Hope you're doing okay now.

blurry eyed said...

Seven weeks is loads of time! We weren't ready for possum's arrival until the last minute so I'm sure you guys will manage to get everything ready.

And isn't Makenna (did I spell that right?) a cheeky little one sitting on your blood vessels! I'm really glad you came out of that one ok.

Mama J said...

oh my a trip to the er is never fun especialy when carring a baby. I myself am at 5 weeks ( actually less) and I have umm concrete floor in my baby's room. Eho needs floor hey (overrated I say) anyway good luck with teh circullation and birthing process.
Mama J

Vajana said...

jbo: Meant to call you yesterday. I will try again today if I have time!

Kalki: Ok until the bill arrives...

BE: Makenna is cheeky. I think my youngest is in for it. She is going to pay for all the trouble she has caused her older sister!

MamaJ: The ER nurse warned me that I was under NO circumstances allowed to go into labor while I was there! I feel like I've been preggers for years....

Cat said...

Aaaw, little stinker-pot, lounging around in there, causing you pain... but seriously, don't you LOVE li'l babies?!

Oh, and if you can't find Black Lab on iTunes, this is their website: Black Lab. Check out Ecstacy. Kicks. ASS.