Friday, October 27, 2006

Sleepy time

I fell asleep. Again. The top of the 7th inning. NO fair. Tonight though, I am so staying up. It's supposed to rain all day today, who knows. Apparently the rain helps remove any 'smudge' from the pitcher's hands HA! I love that they're calling David Eckstein a 'little Smurf'. That just makes it all the sweeter! And I do happen to have a Smurf in a red suit, I'll have to dig that one out. Because, it's important, you know.


(this is my vintage 1982 Wold Series jersey that does not fit over my belly anymore. Oh who am I kidding. It doesn't fit over my BOOBS either. My point here is, I was the EXACT same age of Al the last time the Cardinals won the World Series. Coincidence?)


The Kept Woman said...

(hangs head in shame...I have no idea who is inthe World Series...I mean, I could Google it and all...will assume it is not the Cubs as catastrophic things have not happened on earth and hell, as far as I know, has not frozen over)

Vajana said...

THIS is my gripe. Sure, you'd know it if the Yankees were in it though right? Because the Cardinals just get no respect. Sigh.

Although, you, missy, you should know, having gone to EIU and all.

All is forgiven though, you showed us your pumpkins today!

dashababy said...

No respect, you're right and it sucks but that's ok cuz they showed 'em who's boss!