Friday, October 20, 2006

not another word

I wasn't even going to mention the whole Cards thing this year.

First of all, I did not make it to ONE SINGLE game this year. In our new stadium. Not a one. Do you have any IDEA how many years it has been that that's occurred? I could not tell you. At least 15 years. I make it to at least One game. But nope, not this year. Why? Because of that stupid flippin new stadium. Oh sure LP went. Not me. So that's frustrating.

Secondly, I stopped watching the Cards in July. They were just sucking so badly, and Pujols was the only one worth watching. Then in September he just started sucking. So why bother? At least the pitching was OK, but still. Not worth my time.

Then the jerkwads got to the playoffs. Wha? How the hell did that happen? Okay, but they won't make it to the next round.

Oh wait. They did.

So on Wednesday night, I knew they were just going to blow it, and I fell asleep. So glad I did. They blew it. Like I thought they would.

Last night, I tentatively put the game on recall while I watched Law & Order. I figured if I watched it with full force, then they would surely lose and I would end up going into labor. But Law & Order is only an hour, so of course I put the game on afterwards.

And promptly fell asleep. Damn Phenergan!! (No wait...I love you Phenergan, it was just a joke. You stop me from puking and make me sleepy sleep. I SO love you.)

I awoke to the sound of "HOLY CRAP JANA YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!" which scared the holey moley outta me, having already achieved REM sleep and dreaming about mermaids.

Apparently LP thought, "I'll just watch Molina bat and go to bed" and sure enough, my little Yadi scored a 2-run homer. Holy crap indeed.

(note: I'm always rooting for the underdog, my favorite players are almost always non-superstars...hell Craig Paquette and Bruce Sutter were two of my old favorites, so Yadier has been a fave of mine, he's just so cute--which usually has something to do with why I pick them as my favorites.)

So now I'm wide awake and it's the ninth inning. No pressure, none at all. Wainwright is pitching, and ohmigod in a flash the bases are effing LOADED.

Yes, I'm most definitely going to go into labor. You're killing me here.

And then, he pitches that awesome ball and the Mets stadium sounds like the sound proof room they put contestants from the Newlywed Game in. Absolutely silent.

I stayed up to watch some of the post-game interviews, and I know that my Cardinals will never attain the popularity and beloved-ness as other teams like the (gak) Yankees or the Red Sox, but damn I do love them.

They're going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!


dashababy said...

Oh jeez, I got all teary-eyed reading your post. I do love 'em too. Poor Scotty, I thought my husband was going to assasinate him personally, it was bad and then, he redeemed himself by getting on base and then little ol' Yaddy comes in and hits a homer. My husband was in tears as they won, we screamed, my mom screamed, it was great!
I had to come and celebrate with you last night by leaving you a comment because you're the only Cardinal fan I know in real life ;)
Good luck sweetie on the pregnancy and delivery, I'm sure your an old pro by now.

Vajana said...

Amen! We were just freaking out. I could not believe Yadier was the hero!

Thanks for the well wishes!

dashababy said...

Can you believe they won the first game of the World Series??? I think they are going to win but then that's the kind of talk that will make them lose according to my husband, the total pessimist.

Vajana said...

see I feel the same way!! So I just have no hope and every time I call Scotty Rolen a Mother Trucker he rolls out a home run.