Monday, August 01, 2005

Uninvent this

Today, mrtl's topic is about what invention would I uninvent. Well, only a few days ago I visited Lincoln's Boyhood Home in Indiana, and seeing how many inventions he went without, it's tough to say I'd want to uninvent anything we've got going on here. I'd probably uninvent the "Super Size" meal, maybe we as a nation wouldn't be so gosh darned tubby.


My weekend at Holiday World was a pretty good one. The park itself was crowded, and we waited 45 minutes to ride a ride on average. We rode the Legend and the Raven, which have been voted #4 and #1 best wooden roller coasters in the world. We also rode the Tilt-A-Whirl which should be voted most nauseating. The water park was packed, and we left when we saw a kid throw up in the wave pool. That was enough for me, thanks. But for free parking, soda and sunscreen all day long, it was a pretty decent little park.

We stayed in Jasper, Indiana (home of Scott Rolen, and if you know who he is, yeah you rock) which was a fantastic little town. It was mostly German so the architecture was brilliant. There was a hiking trail behind our hotel and it was along a small river. Very scenic.

The best part of the trip was walking along the path with my dad early in the morning. Ever since he was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, he takes walks every morning. It was great to spend some quality time with him, talking and laughing. He's a great guy.

I did have to question his sanity however, when I discovered his penchant for looking into trash cans for Marlboro miles. He insists he only looks on the top, but still, GROSS DAD. He found two on our walk, and he said he was saving up to buy my uncle a Stetson hat.

"How many did you find?"

"Oh two of them! Good day today!"

"How many do you need for the hat?'


Watch out, dumpsters, trash bins, and garbage cans. My dad's coming to take your Miles.

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