Thursday, August 04, 2005

Practice what I preach

I should not even post today. I try to be a pretty upbeat and positive person, but it just isn't going to happen for me today. I don't know. I spent all day yesterday painting our master bath and it turned out INCREDIBLE. Maybe the paint fumes got to me and put me in a funk. At any rate, all the time I spent in that tiny, non-ventilated room, got me doing some 'stinkin' thinkin'" and I started analyzing things I've said, done, caused, etc. in the past. Just bringing up a whole bunch of stupid shit, (10 years ago of stupid shit!) for no reason whatsoever. Like how T completely stopped talking to me and I still don't know why. Or when L said something about N and N thought it was me. Or the time...well, I did that yesterday, I don't need to do it again today.

I would LOVE to show off pictures but of course my digital camera is on its way to the digital hospital. Hopefully once the tile is in and the vanity is set I will be able to take some.

In the meantime I'm just going to sulk and buy balloons for this pity party I've decided to throw. I would invite you, but really, it isn't going to be a good time.

I'll be back tomorrow when I'm in a better mood.

In the meantime, Jerri can cheer us all up.


Random and Odd said...


I hope you feel better soon. I have some ice cream for your party if you want to invite me!!

Circus Kelli said...

I was going to suggest ice cream. Lots of it. :)

Hugs to you, doll. Those paint fumes can be awful...

paintergirl said...

I'm sending a big hug to you too.

I think the heat is bringing some bad mojo to all all. We need to stick through this.

Vajana said...

Thanks for all the good vibes girls!! I'm thinking it might be cured by some good old fashioned chocolate...I've gotten some Chips Ahoy so I will let you know what happens.

Tom Cruise was right, who needs drugs when you have cookies? Oh wait, he didn't say that? Never mind.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

Bathrooms are evil. Outhouses in 06'.

Vajana said...

Amen to that Strizz! We just spent 2 hours in Home Depot arguing over tile. Argh!

(oh, and the Chips Ahoy definitely elevated my mood.)