Friday, August 05, 2005

SPD Friday--OCD

The main thing that is causing my anxiety this week is our bathroom remodel, but I can't show that to you because of my digital camera being somewhere in the mail right now. So, without pictures, I present to you...

Stuff Portrait Day Friday, brought to you by the wonderful Kristine.

Today's subject: Obsessive-Compulsive Anxiety.
1. Horrible Habits.
2. Something you obsess over.
3. Something that causes you anxiety.

HORRIBLE HABITS: I procrastinate. Like now. I should be doing laundry and getting dressed, but I'm not. I'm in my PJs and I haven't even put my contacts in yet. I'm a wait-till-the-last-minute kinda gal, and I always will be. It's a horrible habit. I also have a habit of spending WAY too much time on the computer, but if I expand on that, it would make me spend even more time on the computer and I just can't do that today.

SOMETHING I OBSESS OVER: I have a problem re-living the day. That's mainly why I have just bad insomnia most of the time. I think about a conversation I may have had with someone and worry about whether or not I said the wrong thing, or if I offended them in some way, or if they took it the wrong way, or if I was nice enough, etc. etc. etc. It's pathetic. Boy this topic is just making it all better isn't it! At least I have chocolate in the house.

SOMETHING THAT CAUSES ME ANXIETY: This is going to sound very strange, but it is the Caprisun straw wrappers that cause me SO much anxiety. I FLIP out when I see one on the floor. I just don't understand why this one little piece of plastic is so damn difficult for my daughters to throw the crap away! I find them everywhere. In the bathroom, down in the basement, in the couch crevices, very rarely anywhere near the actual Caprisun itself. Why this causes me much anxiety, I do not know. I guess I can appreciate that this causes me anxiety and not like, you know, UFOs coming and landing in my backyard or something. Oh yeah, that freaks me out too. Never mind.

Well, off to the dentist with my youngest. LP and I spent 2 hours picking out tile last night at Home Depot only to come home and have it totally not match at ALL. So back we go today.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Random and Odd said...

OMG OMG OMG...All three too!

The Capri Sun straw wrappers KILL ME.

They stick to stuff and I think that's why I hate them so. UGH!!

*HUG* thank you!

Vajana said...

it's not just me? Oh thank goodness. Why can't they just throw the damn things away???

MMC said...

You know it's just soooo much easier for YOU to do it than them! When my H used to never replace the tp roll, I started hiding the extra, and would leave the empty roll on the toilet seat. It took about 1/2 a he ALWAYS replaces.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

Those wrappers suck, but not as bad as when your trying to get the straw IN and it wont go! AAACK!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You know what the UFOs are up to now? They're leaving crop SQUARES, instead of crop circles. Damnedest thing I ever saw. (And I think this latest one has a picture of Virgin Mary in it. Made out of Capri Sun straw wrappers.)

Vajana said...

mmc: when I started throwing away the Polly Pockets if I saw them on the floor, they started getting picked up too. Somehow my rules do not affect Caprisun wrappers, however.

Strizz: OMG you are not kidding. Sometimes I think they just get frustrated and leave the wrappers on the ground after trying to get that straw in for 10 minutes.

Hoss: As long as there aren't any crop squares in my backyard, I'm fine with it. I may have to draw the line at crop hexagons though. (And that Virgin mary/Caprisun comment made me choke! Hilarious!)

mrtl said...

I can't stand putting the straw in. I always spill. grumble grumble

abcd said...

Thank you for your kinds words
and support.

Nikki and "the sisters"

Cat said...

Seriously. Way to nail that Capri Sun wrapper phobia. It's been HAUNTING me, but I couldn't put a name to it! Now I can fight back. Down with the rogue Capri Sun wrappers! Thank you!

And mrtl? The trick is to suck and stick at the same time. Then SLOWLY hand it to your child while shrieking, "Now don't squeeze! DON'T SQUEEZE!!" Honestly. Who invented these stupid juice containers? Idiots, that's who.

J Bo said...

The thing that stresses me out about those juice thingies is that kids squeeze them too hard and get sticky juice all over the place!

And I got over the day in my head, too, and think about the numerouse conversational faux pas that I have had. I think this is typical with women. We care too much!!!

Pissy Britches said...

Yes, I so understand why that would freak you out.
Any kind of anything on my floor fucking freaks me out.

JessicaRabbit said...

The straw wrappers kill me too! I have spent many an afternoon yelling, how damn hard is it to throw this away!!!!!!

Vajana said...

yeah, the day I wrote this post, I found 4 of them around the house. They. are. EVIL.

But so convenient, sadly.