Friday, August 12, 2005

Stuff portrait day: On the Road

Kristine over at Random and odd, and one of the coolest people out in blogworld, has come up with Stuff Portrait Fridays. Basically, we show her (and you) our STUFF. Enjoy!

Today's theme is On the Road:
1. Your ride
2. A mile away from your house
3. What you love about the area you live in

Sorry I was a little late with the post today, we had our kitchen estimator here. Yeah, guess who is getting a new remodeled kitchen! ME! Yeah! That's right! ME! Woo hoo!

And by the way, if you haven't noticed, my CAMERA has returned safe and sound! Yippeeee!!

It's a good day in Vajanaland!


Cat Furniture said...

I like your blog, the layout, the content, the overall feel of it. I bookmarked you... I will check back pretty often to see whats new :-)

Sierrabella said...

Cool stuff!
After you survive the uproar, you'll be so happy with your new kitchen! (I've gone through the ordeal twice...)

Bente said...

Good stuff!

Will we be seeing before and after photos of the kitchen? ::raises eyebrows::

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's interesting. Especially the "mile away" picture -- such great scenery. Sort of. I bet you could get the same shot at 1/4 mile away, and 2 miles away.

Vajana said...

Cat: thanks, the layout is pretty basic. I'm not computer literate enough to do any more unfortunately.

Sierra: i'm looking forward to it--even the uproar, cuz it means I don't have to cook!

bente: Yes, I will make sure I take before/after pics. But first the before/after of the bathroom!!

Hoss: You are exactly right. And if I go a mile the other way, all the farmland is turning up houses.

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