Monday, August 01, 2005

Uninvent, part two

If you recall, my loving husband got me a digital camera for Mother's Day. It wasn't fancy, but it was small, and served our purposes (do you see already I'm using past tense here?). We took it to DisneyWorld and I found it took excellent, clear pictures. I thought, for a moment, I could keep up with the picture-taking mothertruckers that abound here in the blogosphere. While that really isn't true, I could at least get some decent photos.

This past weekend, I unzipped the zipper to the Wal-Mart camera case I had adorned on my belt loop, and pressed the "On/Off" button on my digital friend to snap a quick, fleeting moment of my daughter on a water slide.

I got nuthin.

I played with it a little, you know, shook it, pressed the buttons even with MORE ferocity, waited a second then tried again. Still, nothing, except a little note in the corner that said, "E18".

Now that I've become completely co-dependent on my digital camera, I was unable to take pictures of the rolling Indiana hills, my daughters diving in the pool, a Bavarian church, and my dad sifting through the trash looking for marlboro miles. I was. PISSED.

LP came home and immediately went to town to do the research (uh, could've done this PRIOR to purchasing the camera, but I will digress on that one) and found that the E18 error is known in some parts as the "Dreaded E18 Error".


My camera has been rendered completely useless.

I sent it away back to the company (CANON btw) from whence it came.

I will NOT go gently into the good night without a digital camera. No, no no. This situation will be rectified shortly. I have a baby going into kindergarten in 2 weeks, wtf? How the heck am I supposed to document that? What, use a regular camera? Who am I, a Neanderthal?? Nonsense.

Okay. maybe I'm overreacting a bit. Abraham Lincoln had to sit 4 hours for someone to paint his damn mug, so things could be worse.

So in the meantime, go and enjoy HDL's pictures. They are fabulous.

Have a good one!!


Kami said...

OMG. What model? I don't know what I'd do without my camera...

J Bo said...

Jeez, doncha just feel Amish without your camera handy? What do the Canon people have to say? Anything retrievable on your memory card?

Wethyb said...

I love our digital, so I don't knwo what I'd do w/o it either. I hope it gets fixed soon!

Vajana said...

It's a Canon Powershot A520. According to all these reviews we read, this happens a lot with Canon digitals, but esp. this one!! Gah!

We've sent it to Canon, but again, from what I've read, I think we are just OUT $200. Several have said the company is charging $150 to fix it. Hello!! Why would I pay that when I just bought it for almost as much?

I'm doing my homework and finding a better damn camera. And I will NEVER purchase a Canon again.

Vajana said...

Oh and jBo, yes, all of the pics were still on the memory card. I guess the error has something to do with the lens not operating correctly, so all my Holiday world pics I'd taken up until then are good.

Michele said...

That blows. If you got the camera Mother's Day 2005, however, it should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty - no?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ah, heck, if you see a picture you like, just snap your eyes shut real hard like a camera lens and then store the image in your brain forever. Saves on photo albums.

Vajana said...

Yes I'm pretty sure it is still under warranty, but unfortunately I've heard this error may occur again...gah!

Hoss--my memory ain't so good so it's better to take a camera along, I can't rely on my brain to remember where I put my keys let alone pictures of stuff!

J Bo said...

Phew! At least you still have the photos!

I was on a job interview once and the question was asked: if your home caught fire and your family and pets were out and safe, what would be the first thing you would grab?

I answered that aside from the dangers of trying to unhook everything whilst my house burn down, I would take my harddrive because it stores all my photos and documents.

You know what? Most women answer that question with 'pictures' and now we varied the answer as we go digital. So now, my husband is going to get me a removable hard drive, just in case we have a fire. :)