Friday, January 11, 2008

Memory Lane, yours for 104,000

I didn't think I'd post, but Miss M is konked out on the couch so I have a few seconds of time to post.

Last week was the kickoff of the Puking Year. I thought this was 2006, and for me, it was. It started with Miss M, who threw up in the car, and being the super great mom that I am, didn't have a change of clothes so she wore her 7-year-old sister's sweatshirt as a dress. She didn't seem to mind, but threw up about 8 more times after that.

Sunday was quiet.

Monday LP hurled and whurled.

Tuesday Al was up all night, surprising us all because out of the 5 of us, she has had the least amount of puke festivals.

Wednesday I picked up the girls from school and I HAD to get Rug's jersey to the store to get her name on it before we went to Disney. just HAD to.

These are my priorities. Even when my 7-year-old insists she feels sick, I tell her, just one stop, I promise, then I'll take you home. Yeah, you know where this went, right?

Bright pink. All across the back seat of my van.

Apparently there was Kool-Aid for lunch. Gah!

Oh well. Lesson learned.

So, here I am, nervously anticipating the hurley burley's at any given moment. I won't even pretend that I won't get it, because you know I will.

Funny things happening around town. A girl I went to high school with shot and killed her husband, then proceeded to burn the house down. Whoa!

Also, LP and my first house is up for sale. I have no idea why they think a 2 bedroom house with NO garage will sell for 104,000 but whatever!

House where Janasayqua lived, yours for a low, low price!

Why would I have fond memories of such a small place? It's where I had my first big fight with LP, where Al learned to walk, where we first connected to the Internet, here we found out I was preggers with Rug, and where we started our lives together!

Oh, and the basement leaks.


The Kept Woman said...

I hear ya. It was a year ago this month that Peanut spewed hot pink Trix yogurt across my van...oh and what else did she have for breakfast? Glad you asked...cottage cheese!!! Chunky white curds in the hot pink yogurt!!! NASSSSSSSTY.

P.S. I think it was hilarious that you put it..."Funny things happening around town." before you launch in to tell us she shot her man and burned the house. It cracked me up frankly.

Vajana said...

yeah, i meant funny 'weird', not funny 'haha'. Guess i should have clarified that!

Bente said...

Yuck. K puked all over our car when we were something like four hours from home. Car puke is the worst of the bunch.

I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes you don't catch it!

shellibells said...

Sadly for those of us who have to live in this could up and move your whole house to a piece of land here and sell it for over 250k. Then again, you'd pay about 100k for the land alone that would probably JUST FIT the house.

Stupid world.