Monday, December 31, 2007

Bald Tang Zyne

Each day I intend on blogging but it never ends up on the screen. There are a million posts stuck in my head, but they are doomed to be imprisoned in my brain next to all my Brady Bunch knowledge.

So guess what? You know all those newsletters you always get in Christmas cards that you just LOVE to read? Yeah, me too....ok, they are awful, and no one likes to read them. That's why I decided to go ahead and recap the year on my blog today! Because honestly, what else do you have to do, party? Come on. We're old. We don't party any more. I'm having people over tonight and you know what we will probably end up doing? Playing Guitar Hero. Such is my life.

On with the shew...........


Makenna is 2 months old and we pretty much don't do much the entire month. Oh, sure, lots of soccer, but other than that, nada. Even Rug's 7th birthday was pretty much a bore, she'd say so herself! oh but LP took this great picture of me...he is such a great photographer. You can certainly tell his priorities with this one.


Gettin' re-hitched in Las Vegas was one of the best times we've had. I am looking forward to going back that's for sure. I must make sure we do stuff that actually should stay in vegas though.


March sucked. Guess they all can't be good. At least losing your loved ones allows you to open up and love even more.


Oh yay my first Cardinal game in the new stadium! So much fun. Then I become even Steven as Al tells me she hates baseball (thus tearing my heart out and smashing it to the ground) but at the same time Rug starts playing baseball and LOVES it. My heart will go on, Celine. The Cards went on to disappoint this year, but that is OK because Yadier never let me down.

Is anybody still reading? I didn't think so.


The big soccer win--hey, when you are a soccer Mom, this is the highlight. We also learned on this trip, that it does not matter how many Renuzits you buy, if someone has pretty much soiled or killed something in your hotel room before you, it will not get the smell out. Maybe try Glade.


June was a weird, roller coaster month for me. My grandma died, I saw the 'real' side of some friends, I lost my JOB in a sense, and Rug got a major screwdgy, as we call it. On the other hand, we went to Gulf Shores (so fun), Al's birthday was a blast, I lost 15 lbs. and Rug got an even better opportunity than the first. It was almost like an after school special, June. "Life can suck, but it can also turn out rosy in the end!" Or something like that. It's been awhile since I've watched an after school special, so my analogies aren't so hot.


This is getting harder than I expected. July was hard to recall. I do know I get my first paycheck from my new job and LP framed it. You think I'm kidding, I know, but you've read my blog long enough, right? He's a bit off.


We start buckling down on the house hunting, and come up short. This year will be full of big decisions in that arena. After trying to find our dream home, we have since decided to just build it. I could use some corny "Field of Dreams" bit here, but it's too early in the a.m. for that. Also, in August my kids start back to school and I regain some of the sanity lost from the summer. I cry when Al reads "Are you there God? It's Me Margaret." This may seem trivial to you, but in the span of things it is a HUGE deal to me. For Pete's sake my baby now knows about maxi pads people!!! MAXI PADS! ARGHGHGHGH!


I believe I got to eat some sushi for my birthday, so it must have been a good month. Miss M is all over the place, crawling and trying to walk. It is a darn good thing I don't mail these suckers out at Christmas because I'm awful at it.


Miss M breaks in 3 teeth in one week. I don't think I could forget that if I tried. We had a trip to Davenport Iowa, which I don't think I could remember if I tried. Although AL's team did get 2nd place overall, so that was cool. Halloween was much better this year, the girls had a blast and I got some good candy, and it is all about me, in case you were wondering. Right now Miss M is putting a wire that may or may not be plugged in into an empty Dr. Pepper can. I might need to intervene. Oh and this month we got a Wii on ebay, which will bring great joy to our kids in December. Also, LP decides to have a mid-life crisis, which is still ongoing and will most likely end in March with the purchase of a new car. I hope.


Already a year old?? Well, this picture defines how awesome my life is! Though I would suggest for the 1 year birthday cake to NOT use pink icing, it ends up looking like a bad rash.


This month brings great snow and a lot of fun chasing the now mobile Miss M around the house. Her favorite activity? Playing with empty Dr. Pepper cans, as previously mentioned. Christmas was one of the best this year. We were able to get everyone exactly what they wanted, whether they knew it or not. And Santa brought a Wii, how crazy is that? I might just have to return the one I bought...

So that is it. 2007 is almost over and I was able to sum it up in one post. Sad? Maybe. Lazy? Definitely.

We are going to be gone soon for Disney World, also making that stop in Atlanta I told you about, and I will try to post but it is not on my New Year's resolution list to spend even MORE time at the computer, so I am not going to bank on it. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and for Hoss, Rabbit Rabbit and all that.



kalki said...

I am still reading! And I quite enjoyed this post. Very nice sum-up, with the bonus of supercute photos!

Have fun in Disney World!

The Kept Woman said...

Love the recap!!! Enjoy your trip and hope 08 brings much love, joy and happiness to you and yours!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

All things said and done, this is a nifty post with sweet pictures. Nicely done, Jana.