Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home 0, Orlando 1

Well we are back and settled home. I had to hear all today today about how 'beautiful' the weather was today. It was barely 60 degrees. two days ago I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt in almost 80 degree weather.

It is not at all normal to be planning your next trip to Orlando when you are still IN Orlando.

So we had a blast, and since I didn't do it last time, I'm going to give you a blow-by-blow snoozefest trip report of each and every day we were there. Doesn't that sound like fun?!?!

Almost as fun as my end of the year newsletter right?!

At least I'm not making you sit for a slideshow.

But before I dive into that, I just wanted to get on my flimsy soap box and discuss Heath Ledger.

You know how I found out he died? LP was sitting waiting for us to get off of a ride and was perusing the Internet on his phone. He knew I was a fan of Heath's, (ok, yeah he was gorgeous but I truly thought he was a magnificent actor) and handed me the phone. Besides his cell phone, I really had no outside link to the 'real' world. Which was perfectly fine with me. I'll take fuzzy bears and It's A Small World over CNN anyday, after all...

Anyway, when we got to the hotel that night, I turned on a news channel to find out how he died, if it was a car wreck or something, and the instant I turned it on there was a GRAPHIC picture of the police and EMS putting the BODY BAG into the ambulance. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! How perverse of a society have we turned into???

I just decided that I can no longer watch that kind of crap or read about it online. He was a very good actor, and they have just destroyed any proper grieving for his daughter and family. How disgusting.

Okay then. Day one starting tomorrow and no more soap boxes for the rest of the week!

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