Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jana Say Disney: Day Two

I guess I should have put a disclaimer on my trip report: This is not going to be exciting unless you love Disney World or are myself. Obviously there is only one of those you can be, and if you ain't one of them, then go here and come back later for our regular programming, if you even find that to your liking.

Also, I am tired this morning as LP and I could not put the Guitar Hero down last night. I've got to master Smoke on the Water, it's the only song he can beat me at.


Day Two started with (for hoss) the Comfort Inn breakfast consisting of some sort of oval fake egg substance (feggs?), Honey Nut Cheerios, a banana and a waffle, made of course by the 7-year-old. Miss M dumps the Cheerios on the ground, and we are out the door.

**Did I mention my in-laws are coming on this trip? Yeah, one day we were visiting and out of nowhere, my MIL says, "Oh, by the way, we are going with you to Florida." Ohhhh-kay!?? Barring the obvious self invite, I was a little worried about having to revolve my Disney fun around them, but it turned out to be a good experience.**

It was Rug's birthday week, and I had gotten tickets to the Pirate and Princess Party Disney throws. It's basically more $$ to dole out to have the park pillaged and rampaged by saucy pirates and princesses for a night. She had no idea what it was, but knew she had a surprise coming. I promised her ONE HINT when we hit the Florida border. This is what LP came up with: "We are going where the daughter of a Governor can become a KING"

Now what 7-year-old is going to figure that one out? I just rolled my eyes at him.

Around noon we were starving and saw a sign for a "Whataburger"...right next to the "We Bare It All Cafe Risque" sign.

I had to grab the wheel as LP was heading in the wrong direction. I wanted burgers. Not hooters.

Once we hit the Florida turnpike, I was driving and LP was navigating. In our 11 years of marriage you would think we would know this is a bad idea. LP checks the math homework in the house, I check the English. HE does the driving. I do the navigating. So when you defy the rules of marriage, well, it will end poorly.

I insist we go on 4, the highway, and LP insists we take some back-alligator way to get there instead. "It will be more scenic" he says.

When you arrive at Disney World, there is a GIANT sign welcoming you, it's a lot of fanfare and Hooplah.

Yeah, we took the back road. We got to see all the broken down Space Mountain cars, and the trucks with the pixie dust and the dorms of the Cast Members. No fanfare. It was like getting to the Red carpet in Hollywood by going through Compton.

So LP was in the doghouse, but we made it. He is SO lucky that only an hour earlier (when the Whataburger turned out to be closed) we had 'pinky promised' no fighting on the trip. And since I try to stick to the code, I could only smile instead of shoving the Florida map into his ear.

Since Rug was in the soccer tournament, we were required to stay at the All Star Sports. We arrived, checked in (no line--which would NOT be a recurring theme) and realized we were also here the same week as the College Cheerleading Competition. And they were all staying at the same hotel! We lucked out on our room though, on the opposite side of where they were practicing. The girls had a blast watching them and gave them a diversion when LP and I were wrestling Miss M to the ground after several attempts to jump off the bed.

We spent the remainder of the night at Downtown Disney where it was only 55 degrees and Rug spent the entire evening in the Pirates of the Caribbean store.

Tomorrow: Day 3 and soccer DRAMA

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Charlotte in Pa said...

FYI - Asia is on tour RIGHT NOW and is coming to Chicago in April. I only know this because I saw the concert advertised when I went to see Tommy Shaw of Styx. (I must be older than you!)