Monday, July 02, 2007

The Weight

There are very few people who do not have weight issues. I have had mine, and thought they were licked...until right before I got pregnant with M. I knew I was planning on getting preggers, so I just let it loose with eating. I can throw down, let me tell you. The number one thing that is a very large distraction of my diet? Peanut butter toast. Seriously. I do not eat a ton of ice cream, I hate potato chips, sweets are not my thing. It's the peanut butter on white toast that gets me.

Here is a short time line of my crazy weight yo-yo:

1995: Graduated from college, gaining the "Freshman 15 and then some".

1996: I was heartbroken and disillusioned, and about 40 lbs overweight. My friend gave me a coupon for a YMCA membership, I signed up and went balls to the wall for 4 months. I lost it all by eating Grape-Nuts and a baked potato all day. Not very healthy, and the skinniest I've ever been, but not healthiest. Lowest I think was 115 lbs.

1996, fall: Got preggers with Al.

1997: I only weighed 147 at 40 weeks with Al, which is ridiculous to me now. I lost it very quickly. I then went to a personal trainer for a few months, who told me I would have to work harder than most people due to a high heart rate or something along those lines. Great. So, I worked my a$$ off. I would go to the gym for 2 hours at a time.

2000: Had Rug. After that, I worked out even harder, and was the smallest I've ever been, a size 2-4. I still weighed about 125 lbs. though.

2002: Did my first Body For Life. This program completely changed my life, my body. I would recommend it to ANYONE. Anyone who is serious. Not to anyone who doesn't like to lift weights, and definitely not to anyone who hates cottage cheese.

2003: Did Body For life, again. This time, I got the best results:

Can you even see that? Anyway. That was me in the PJs, showing off my abs. I was strong and lean and had muscles popping out every which way. Maybe I can find a better pic:

Kablam, right?

Then I turned 30.

I have gained 5 lbs. per year since I turned 30. WTF? Plus I've lost the motivation I used to have as well. Body For Life does not do it for me anymore, at all. I have to re-teach myself to lift weights the way I used to. It is very hard to stay motivated, especially with the lack of time now that I work fulltime, as well as having a fulltime baby in the household who doesn't necessarily enjoy going to the YMCA daycare. Mrtl has started going to a website that I may start to go to, in hopes it will give me the motivation I need. Also, posting here with my calorie counts and making me liable will help as well. Then I can get back into all those super cute capris I bought before getting pregnant with Miss M!! And I promise I will never, ever dye my hair that color blonde again.

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