Sunday, July 08, 2007

One day at a Time is one of the best websites ever!! I love being able to track every calorie I put into my greedy little mouth. So far I've been able to stay in the 1200-1400 calorie range. I have never counted calories before in my life. When I first started losing weight in my early 20s I counted fat grams, and almost starved myself to death. Then on Body For Life there was no counting calories, just mostly equal carbs to equal protein (which I still keep track of). But never calories! I have just taken another step closer to turning into my mother. Next thing you know I'll be clipping coupons to get that Pringles inflatable raft in the mail (this is scary...but there is a story behind that, and yes i DID have Pringles rafts as a kid).

I did really well this weekend eating-wise. We had a double header softball game on Saturday and had to eat quick at Dairy Queen so I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich thinking I was safe...uh, can you say 530 calories? That's almost half of my calories for the day! Yikes. Good thing I am lactose intolerant, that Brownie Earthquake was calling my name....then I was at a wedding that night (Hi Kathy! Love love you!) and just ate salad. So I'm pretty proud of myself.

There were fireworks at the landing on Friday night so we took the girls to see them. It was a gorgeous night, and they were spectacular. Momma loves her some fireworks.

Nothing much to write, but I am trying to post for a week without blabbing about my kids. As much as I love them, sometimes I can write about something else. So, I will leave you with one story and try to see if I can do it.

The other day we were in the car and my mom was talking to the girls about weddings. She described hers, and how pretty the flowers were. Then she talked about mine, about the cake and how nice and quaint it was, very intimate. The girls started telling stories about where they wanted to have their own weddings, in the backyard, at the Botanical Gardens, on the beach. My mom drops the bomb..."Who do you think you will marry?" Al speculates for Rug, on a few boys in her class she may or may not have a crush on.

Rug replies, "Nah, I'll probably just go on That looks like it works."

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Kathy said...

Love you too, Jana! ;-)

Hey everyone, I got to meet little Miss M in person. Cute as a bug! Even in 95 degree heat she is a happy camper!