Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eight Months

Miss M: You crack me up you know that? I put 20 toys down for you to play with and you will always head directly for the ratty, nasty pink chew toy that belongs to the cat. And seriously, those cats have about had enough of the new little human in the house so I'd try to stay on their good side.

The days are over when I could give you something and you wouldn't put it in your mouth. I was amazed, I'd never seen a baby hold a piece of bread or lettuce and not head it straight into their mouths. Not you. But...not anymore. You still definitely want to see what it does first...will it bounce? Will Mommy pick it up if I drop it? Does it make noise? But then it goes right into the cavernous hole you call a mouth.

I'd say you have started crawling but it's more of a scootching. Yet you still will not sit up. I'm telling you, sitting up is a good time. Criss cross applesauce is something you will soon have to master.

At least three people have asked me why you are wearing a wig, in all seriousness. Why would I put a wig on my baby? i don't know, but maybe I could start a new company, a Baby Wig company.

Don't grow up too fast, baby. As you are sitting on my lap right now, trying to touch the keys on the keyboard (and being successful...how many times have I had to retype this?) I know in no time you will be typing emails to your friends and I will just be "Oh, Mother".

I'm loving being "mamamamamamamamamamama".


Susie said...

That's the best baby wig I've ever seen. I don't know how you get anything done but hug and kiss her. She's a doll.

kalki said...

She totally looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid! I've said that before, haven't I? But she does...with the hair and the cheeks and those eyes. Precious.

I like the ending to this post - so sweet.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Eight months of hair? You are going to have to make her hair styling appointments at age 2.

Amber said...

that truly is the most amazing baby hair ever! How awesome!