Monday, May 08, 2006

Recoup Monday

We left Friday afternoon to go to Champaign Illinois for a soccer tournament and were gone all weekend. It was a really fun time, and LP got to see his alma mater, University of Illinois. I enjoyed getting to see where his ex-girlfriend's sorority house was, and also the library where he worked! It was like a "This is Your Life" tour. Such fun.

I did get to eat Jimmy John's twice too, in its intended format, which is in a college town. Jimmy John's just tastes better when you are surrounded by students with laptops studying. Or those just waking up from partying the night before at 1 in the afternoon.

I learned several things:

1. Tequila still has the same effect on LP as it always has.
2. Garbage trucks do not care who is sleeping at 5:30 on a Saturday morning.
3. Throwing up in a Port a Potty is a very, very bad experience.
4. Not all soccer parents are as psycho crazy as the ones in our area **seriously I was SO thrilled by this, the other parents were friendly, and non-psycho. We had a game yesterday as soon as we got home again, and it was right back to psycho soccer parents. Weird. It must be this area.**
5. 1 in 2 college students wear their iPods like it's oxygen.
6. I'm gettin' real old.
7. Central Illinois is pretty boring.
8. It's difficult to tell one of your friends that her child is evil and she believe you.
9. Get up early, that continental breakfast doesn't get replenished!
10. LP rocks even if he stayed out too late Friday night, he did all the laundry when we got home, so that totally makes up for it.

I still however, have to figure out what is worse: being in a small hotel room after my husband has had a night of debauchery (I'm sure you know the stench I speak of), or walking outside to get fresh air only to breathe in a nice hefty dose of marijuana remnants from the fiesta our neighbors had for Cinco de Mayo! Muy bueno!


Amy said...

Oh, man, puking in the Porta potty is up there with the things you try not to ever think about again.

Glad the parents were friendly and that you got some second hand stonage in, though.

~**Dawn**~ said...

my dislike for Porta-potties & puking are mutually exclusive. the concept of them being combined is horrific. i am adding that to my list of things i hope to never experience. lol...

J Bo said...

You can't be gettin' real old if you have a hubby who parties on cinco de mayo and if you have a *bun in the oven*!!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

So, hubby goes outside to throw up and he gets stoned? What kind of town is that?