Friday, May 26, 2006

SPF: Not really

I set out to do SPF today, but it ended up sort of half assed. But like Bart Simpson told Homer, "I prefer your half-assed parenting to your over-parenting." So it is what it is folks.

My ground:

This was taken by my 6-year old, when I gave her the camera and said, "GO OUT SIDE. DO SOMETHING." Yeah, the first day of summer vacation. Seriously.

What I'm powerless from:

These two sweet beautiful little girls turning into teenagers. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. But I can't. I can only try to make them as happy and confident and safe as I can.

Before this turns into a "Very Special Vajana" Show, I wish you all a great Memorial Day Weekend. Be sure to say an extra toast to any soldier you know or have known in the past. And the ones who don't get to take this weekend off. Although I won't be able to toast with alcohol, I will be able to raise up a BBQ sandwich in their honor as I head out to Rib America. (*secret--if you click on that link you'll get an extra special treat of a Rick Springfield pic! Unfortunately he won't be here but still!*)

I'm outta here! Word to yo mutha.


Janet said...

Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Beautiful girls! You have a great weekend too!

Happy SPF! I played too.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

You got 2 outa 3 very well! Have fun this weekend!

Cheeky said...

Oh I thought you did great for SPF!

I played too

Amy said...

Word to YOU, momma. What lovely girls.

J Bo said...

It's cold and rainy here in Seattle, so no cookouts for us. Your girls are so darn cute!

At first, I thought you were going to say that you were powerless to chalk drawings. "Well you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true..."

Happy Weekend!