Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hm, apparently "RMP" is not widely known, maybe it has a different name?

Basically you draw a circle on a notebook page, on the top write the letters "RMP", meaning 'rich', 'medium' or 'poor'.

Then ask the other person to name 3 people they want to marry. Write the names on the right side of the circle.

Next ask them 3 cars they want. Write them on the bottom.

Finally, the type of house they want to live in, and the 3 answers on the left of the circle. This one was usually the goofiest, as I always wrote I wanted to live in a hut, or a treehouse, or a pyramid, in which none made sense, since I was going to be a mermaid in the future, after all.

Make the person close their eyes, and start drawing tag marks in the middle of the circle until they said 'STOP'. Count the lines, and then count around the circle, crossing out the name you land on once you counted to that number. Continue doing so until all but one choice from each category remained, and Wah-LAH! Your future has arrived, on a piece of notebook paper.

Had this truly worked, I'd be rich, living in a treehouse with C. Thomas Howell driving an I-Roc.


paintergirl said...

Oh-I'm being a ditz-we did that too, but I don't think I knew it had a name. Thanks Jana

AL said...

LOL - I loved C. Thomas Howell - what a flashback!!!

Are you really going to order that print? How cool :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You mean you're not rich?

Amy said...

Ponyboy Curtis! How I loved that guy.

~**Dawn**~ said...

oh! when i was a kid, we called it MASH (Mansion. Apartment. Shack. House.) and we had to pick 4 people we want to marry. and 4 places we wanted to live. and 4 numbers of kids we wanted to have.

Vajana said...

MASH! Yes, that was the alternative to RMP. It has more of a ring to it too I think.